Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I haven't posted in a very long time. I went on a vacation and virtually quit because Apparently I never came back. (Aw man wish it was a real vacation not an anology) My faith and love for God however did not leave my side. I just simply felt like a copy machine making copies over and over of the same stuff I'd already written. But mostly I didn't feel inspired by the lord as I did in the begging. I have felt I needed to take time and ponder life and find inspiration. I guess I haven't been on vacation. I signed up for a treasure hunt!  I found that inspiration today. My Mother. She has a big surgery today to remove part of her colon.  It's been an awful day
After being  hospitalized for the week of thanksgiving (a new family tradition we are not fond of and are stopping) My mom is doing the normal things but it breaks my heart because those normal things hurt so bad she is so sick. My heart dropped to the floor seeing my rock be so bad off. All day Martina McBride "I'm gonna love you through it" has been playing in my head. I will love my momma through her pain as age always does mine so gracefully and God will love is both as always through it. Please pray for my mama, I love her so much and we need all the reinforcement we can get. So whatever it you are going through please know God loves you very much and he will "love ya through it!" God gives us trials to strengthen is this I know. Love, Chelle 
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