Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Don't Want to be "Rich", Because I Already Am!

"quarter in a payphone drying laundry on the line,
 watching sun tea out the window pocket watch tellin' time"
-Miranda Lambert (automatic)
I am unsure if I am just growing up or if it's all I've been through... But I finally quit thinking' "One day I will be rich, no matter what." As a kid you always think you will have the finest house and even more fine things to fill it up with, you will have the best car, & the most glamorous clothing. Lately, I don't even want a big fancy house I honestly would be happy with a simple house with simple things... I don't even want to be rich, which is probably good because I have much doubt I'll ever be rich anyways haha with being disabled for the past 3 years, and the medical expenses I will be lucky just to pay my bills one day! But having things just doesn't hold value in my heart. Just because one has more "things" than another person never makes them of more importance. We are all wonderful and hold the same importance on this earth! God never made 2 the same... One huge thing I have learned from being sick is, money is just money, it can't buy you happiness (and even if it does, it is not permanent no matter what you buy, it grows old or worn out... it isn't the latest trend all loses it's value and happiness at some point or another) And if it holds it's own value, well.... you can't take it with you to heaven!! :) Happiness is in our souls, it lays in the foundations of our life's. The choices we make, the things we do with our time here on earth, the peoples life's we touch. How you value yourself, Having faith, standing next to God, & our savior Jesus Christ, putting our life into prospective of eternity, family your loved ones.... health...those are the things that hold value in this world! Our church leaders warn us to get out of debt & that money is not everything here on earth.... Our lives, our spirits, our souls, doing for others, now that is where the riches truly lie. One day we will All ( if we hold to the commandments and do right) be rich! Rich will be crossing the finish line into heaven through those beautiful gates! I am not rich by money and you know what? I am starting to think being "poor" is a good thing! Something to be proud of.... My parents have both worked hard full time jobs my whole life, And they both go with out things they want or dreams they had, a major importance my parents taught me was to get out of debt, You don't always want to not have that super fancy house on a hill, but you will be forever happy with your family, the people you love...that is rich. You just have to keep your prospective on life. Listen to the guidance from Our heavenly Father, Our Living Profit Thomas S. Monson, and the rest of the authorities. Reel in the important things in life... I am blessed to have parents like mine!! They have been so supportive of me and my being sick, they pay for all I have, if they didn't I would be in a box on the curb, I know not all parents would be a wonderful as mine... they could of chosen to believe I was dramatic or crazy (as many doctors said), they could of kick me out at 18... but instead they continue everyday taking care of me. Now I would love to move out! But for now, I am right where God wants me to be! For the 1st time in my life, without a dime to my name, I know I am rich!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinoneer Days 2014

My mom and My mom 2 A.K.A. Aunt
This past Saturday my mom and I went to town, called Snowflake about 30 minutes away from where we live...We met up with my Aunt & Uncle ( my 2nd parents) along with many other relatives (mostly cousins) to celebrate the pioneer days! Started with the parade, which they always have a really nice parade, every ward even does a float. After we followed with of course a BBQ! This was at my cousins house and I actually ended up getting really sickly from the heat of the parade (it wasn't that hot & I was in shade, body needs to calm down) So I layed down and had a pedialyte popsicle courtesy of my cousins wisdom teeth removal around a month ago haha. I found myself in a dilemma though. It was the first time I had been around people in that sick state. I could tell a lot of them were worried and I just had to lay down and rehydrate and eat... I did pop out of it towards the end. It was hard trying to explain what was happening to me. There is so much to tell and then you have to decipher what to leave out and what to put in... on top of that I felt so bad I couldn't think or talk well. And I was trying so hard to smile and be all it's okay but I have a feeling they didn't buy my smiles, and faking I was okay. I am so blessed with wonderful family members! Before we left I had my uncle give me a blessing of comfort it made me feel so much better! I am so thankful for the priesthood and for those like my uncle, who hold it. I love my Father in Heaven! I love Jesus Christ! and I Love the gift of the holy ghost.... I am so thankful that I am a Latter Day Saint of Jesus Christ! Blessed would be the word, I am blessed!
My great uncle(the one in the cowboy hat) was the Grand Marshal of the parade!
 Well deserved, he is a wonderful man! He was (as you can see on the side of the care) a prisoner of War & WWII VET.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I Did The Imposible

So this morning it was rainy and cool outside so I put my pink, purple, & yellow tenny shoes on and my brace, got the dog and went outside. I walked around a while and finally decided I am going to give running a try. (I have attempted several times and failed) today I am happy to announce I ran just a few feet. But I RAN!! I feel so blessed and my Savior is definitely with me! I received a blessing Saturday for comfort because well my heart felt quashed over being sick. I had such a bad past 2 weeks, glad to announce yesterday I started popping out if it. I am not well still, I do not want to leave that impression. The impression I want to leave is even with POTS Dysautonomia, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Endometriosis, Lichen planus, Asthma, Hypothyroidism, Joint hypermobility, and recovering from a Trauma Pelvis, I still did something amazing. Now I  am sure most 21 year olds would not think running a few feet was anything worth celebrating or bawling hysterically in my yard thanking my Heavenly Father over and over again would be amazing but I do! I see the beauty in this life no matter how small something can be to the world, it can be something huge for you personally and that's what matters! I have a mountain in front of me... I can't go around it unfortunately, I must go over it and straight to the mountain top. That's where I will be maybe not today but one day I will! I think today I am the happiest I have ever been in my life!
Lots of Love-Chelle 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Never Stop Praying

  Today was hard. Really hard. This whole past week has been hard. I feel like my illness has won. I feel I have no real care today from my doctor and I fear going so long without proper treatments will leave me with some awful symptoms forever. I can't go back. I can't change time. Though my heart feels broken I know my heavenly father is here. Helping me. I just have to pray and put my faith to the test. Love life. and be brave. (you can't read my ring but that's what it says) Heavenly Father sent me here, I chose this life. Now I just have to find that part where I am strong. Some days feel impossible, others I feel like a rock star. But unfortunately I feel impossible more then a rock star regularly. I do still have hope for a better future and a fuller life. Time heals all wounds they say. I will never quit heavenly father, After all I am a fighter not a quitter. I know you will help me along the way with whatever life throws at me good or bad. or scary. Love, Chelle.

I am going to hash tag POTS and Dysautonomia on my post about them in hopes other suffers can see my story and hopefully find hope or just some way to relate to someone. It's a rare disease and hard to handle. My love goes out to anyone dealing with any form of affliction. Being ill or any other form. xoxo Chelle #Dysautonomia #POTS

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Doctors can be a Handful.

 I have been diagnosed with POTS/Dysautonomia and Mast Cell Activation Disorder for a few months now. Among other things.( After 8 years of misdiagnosis and searching) I finally found a doctor that would believe me, know what is wrong.Also take care of me! I have not been feeling good this past week. And when I say I haven't been feeling good it means I am so sick I am confound to my house badly ill. Because when you live being sick all the time, there are 2 of me:a sick you (that manages doing some things) and the so sick me who is scared, in pain, having odd symptoms, laying in bed. I tried at first sticking it out in hopes it would pass. It didn't which sort of broke my heart and put me down. So now me and my Neurologist are emailing. My PCP where I live at is really not much help ( I think she just doesn't understand 100%) and I can never get in and then I end up at urgent care haha. They really judge me there. Having a disease 99% of doctors have no clue even exists leads to well, a war for patients like me. Hi I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Dysautonomia. They look at you like you are nuts and tell you, "you are crazy", " you need counseling" and they smile a sly smile while saying these things. Then they proceed to act like they have helped you out soo much just for ya know, being there. Some even have patted themselves on their back. I love it too when Doctors tell me I am just dehydrated and I don't drink enough water. The other excuse of course is Anorexia. (I am not that skinny) I am tiny 4 feet 11 and a HALF inches lol. And some have hearts and simply come out and tell you I really don't know what is wrong and I am really sorry. I love those kinds with hearts <3 even though they do not know or didn't know they still cared. That can really make a sick persons confusion and bad days feel better. When you are sick all the time with no answers, it is rough what makes it even rougher is when a doctor makes you feel bad or guilty or like you are truly crazy. I wish doctors didn't even use those words. But finally I found myself a neurologist and he believes me and wants to help me the hold up is, he is 4 hours away and has several patients. because when you treat a rare diseases... well there aren't a lot of those specialists. I have been thinking about my latest run in with urgent care haha I was told my condition was not "urgent" This disease brings a lot of frusterations and they come before diagnosis. you just hope after diagnosis that doctors will be understanding because you are diagnosed. well it most of the time doesn't work out but I am starting to think some of these things need to be changed and I need thicker skin. Doctors shouldn't ever be able to make another human being feel bad about being ill.

A lot of different people with different medical problems get told they are crazy.... I was crazy for 8 years before getting diagnosed with POTS. I even got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at one point Check this out to see the statistics on a study or how patients were treated before diagnosis. (I think they need to do one on after diagnosis too) .

they will make those bad days better always!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thinking. I gave it up.

This past week I have had too much time to think. ( hate when I am super sick and that is when I need my mind off of it) So this week has been full of anxiety and worry and thinking. I have thought about all kinds of things. Too bad it's all been about my health. I think about what could happen, what's going to happen, and how I am going to do it. I think about pills, treatment options. I think about diets, what to and not to eat, how much sodium I have eaten, measuring water, measuring electrolytes, measuring foods literally by servings. It's a full time job. Of course I occasionally think I can not do this another second. Then follows anger. Then I tend to ask got why!? Why me!?  every time he answers me with a it is going to be alright. I finally had soooo much worry the other night I said "okay. God. I am going to give you all my worries because I can't take it anymore." So I physically handed them to him. Then  " every time I caught myself worrying I said, "I gave it to the Lord." And that's where it has stayed since. My life is in the Lord's hands and that is all I need. He is going to help me, take care of me, I am never alone I know I have a gazillion angels around me at all times. I never have had a bad night without at least one angel to comfort me. EVER. I realized this is a huge blessing and I am so very grateful for it. I have all the tools I need to overcome anything. Just put my faith in gear and keep going! Even if it seems impossible and hard. God can do impossible and hard. He loves us and understands our trials! Give it to him, All of it <3 -Chelle

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


yesterday was mean to me. I spent the whole day in bed. I had a horrible pressure migraine that shoots down my neck and my teeth even hurt with it. I had a stomach ache so bad I could hardly move. And I have no clue why this is happening. I ended up having too much time to think and that turned into worry. I started just being a huge pile of worry. I prayed the whole day and finally I got upset and cried why is this happening to me. I don't know why this is happening to me or why it has, being ill. but I know there is a reason, so I can struggle and learn and grow into the me I am suppose to be. The me I am destined to me. Sure I am 21 living at home, and being taken care of by my parents. ( I do have my independence) but doors have been shut for years for me. I didn't know what to do or think anymore. But God always sends tender mercies in times of struggle. After I prayed I listed to meg Johnson's podcast and she has several, there was one and my computer froze I could only listen to that one.... So I was like ok God I get it I will listen.... it made my whole day better! it spoke about angels and how though we can't always see them we can feel them with us in times of need. I know I have my guardian angels around me. Not just heavenly ones heaven is here on earth too. sometimes people here on earth act as angels for us in our life. Whether it is a brief amount of time or a very long time of help. The hearts are touched just the same. She told a story of a girl who was sitting at her work (a party place) and this little girl was obviously sad, The first time she felt like someone wanted her to go include this little girl in the playing that was going on. But Meg said no I have other things to do right now. But then a second time occurred and she finally went to the little girl and tried getting her to play and she just kept turning Meg down on all her offers, but then she realized her hair was clean but it was as if it just had dried from the shower and her top didn't match her pants ( like they were from 2 separate outfits) So Meg asked if she could comb her hair and that little girl said yes. While combing her  hair Meg asked if her mother normally combed her hair and said yeah. So Meg asked, "is your mom gone today?" the little girl replied," sort of, she passed away yesterday." I cried my eyes out when I was listening to this story the whole reason the little girl was even at the party was so her father could make funeral arrangements. I would put a million dollars that the little girls mother was there with them and she was who wanted Meg so badly to go send some love to her daughter in ways she couldn't on the other side. We all have our angels and they do watch over us but they can  not always do things we here on earth can do. Something like brushing hair. I think too if we keep our eyes opened and hearts we can help our angels help others. I am so blessed. I hope one day I can be someone's angel, some day soon! Lots of Love-Chelle

P.S. it's okay to struggle, it's okay to have a bad day. Just remember tomorrow is always a new day with new beginnings. xoxo - Chelle

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nurse Conference 2013 - Padma Lakshmi / Endometriosis

I follow the Endometriosis Foundation of America. IF you have Endometriosis or suspect it this is a good talk about it. I really think Endometriosis is awful and debilitating. Endometriosis needs to be known by every doctor, healthcare professional, and humans in general. As earlier I shared my story on this blog, I too suffer from Endometriosis and I believe that putting your story out there and educating is what will turn results for better treatments, and better days to live! So thankful for these wonderful people that brought the EFA together! Such wonderful people!

Learning Me Some Patience. Hard Time Patience.

This is my Lovely view today, Hey at least I got new curtains to look at! I am spending this day in bed recovering from my awful night and the past few days of pain. A big THANK YOU GOES OUT TO MY MOM! SHE WAS UP WITH ME ALL NIGHT AND GOT UP EARLY AND WENT TO THE STORE JUST TO BUY ME GATORADE BEFORE GOING TO WORK <3 My tummy is one unhappy tummy, it hurts super sharp everywhere and it doesn't want to do its job. Lots of nausea. It swells and hurts. I do not know the cause of this will be seeing doctors soon to try to figure this mystery out. (I assume it is dysautonomia)  I am still eating and anti- histamine diet.... if I even get a little of those foods at all, I am one sick lady. Last night was awful I did not sleep well, I  have been dizzy, blurred vision, felt so bad I worried I was dying. ( I hate when that happens...if you are chronically sick I bet you know what I am talking about with the worries) I discovered I had left one of my pill bottles in my purse and when I filled my pill calendar for the week, well those where left in my purse until this morning... that probably has something to do with all these ailments. This morning is better, as long as I don't move. The second I move my tummy hurts. Patience in Afflictions... That's what I want to leave you with today... The lord is loving and with us in the hardest of times. Isn't that comforting!
"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many;
but endure them for lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days"
-Doctrine and Covenants 24:8
This I came across while making my book of faith ( my favorite parts of the scriptures that have spoken out to me, written into a book for when I need it.) I needed this last night, it was a good reminder. This is my newest most favorite ever it truly speaks to me and comforts me for I do have many afflictions in life and we all do! He is with us and comfort us unto the end. Now if that's not a promise, I do no know what is.
Lots of Love, -Chelle

So, after I posted this I logged onto Facebook and found this below;

God is always guiding me, helping me, forming me in times of needs. He wraps his love around me daily and I have no words to explain my thanks. I feel so Loved and Blessed everyday but today, I really feel it <3  He knows my heart and is always speaking to me. And I mean spot on speaking I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father <3

Friday, July 18, 2014

Please, Be Different.

I was just thinking to myself, "I am soooo different from everyone else." What is so wrong with being different? NOTHING it is a good thing be an original. Be unique. Be a one of a kind. Be weird. Be different. Be an odd number. Be a rarity. Be YOU. Most importantly love yourself! Our Heavenly Father Loves us all each so much no matter what!! He made each and everyone of us a different soul. He put our souls into our bodies and we agreed to come! We agreed all hardships and goodships to have a earthy body, so that we too could be resurrected and live in Heaven forever. What a beautiful gift. He did it for a reason. You are a purpose. You are a Promise. You are a Son or Daughter of God! Placed on this earth for a very special reason. Whether you are having a bad day or the best day ever! You are meant to be here and have those moments of good and bad. You are being formed into a beautiful eternal flower. Be different it's a good thing! Lots of Love XOXO-Chelle thee indifferent

"Be you, everyday of the week & remember who you are!"

P.S. My Brain MRI went well! Will know the results next week! I have faith it will all be okay I am in god's hands,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leafs of Love

Leafs of  Love!
Yesterday I just felt awful all day and sickly. No matter how much salt, fluids, electrolytes, no mast cell containing foods....I just layed outside on my porch and tried to sleep (it was cloudy and rainy) haha is it really weird I put my lawn chair on my porch??? hah! Can't get in the sun too much or hot at all. I was looking off our porch at our oak tree and I felt my Savior's love for me, while eyeing I those pretty green leafs.... I don't know if you have watched Hilary Weeks music video of her awesome song, Beautiful Heartbreak (it's super good) But in the video Stpehanie Neilson family are in the tree house and as the words sing "He (Jesus Christ) picks up the pieces along each broken road."  the Neilsons are stacking leafs. which is a symbol. Stephanie and her husband were in an airplane accident and burned very badly.(She has a book a memoir called, Heaven is Here It is SO inspiring) So when I look at my leafs off my porch I feel my savior sending me that message that I need to let him pick up the pieces and he will take care of me I just need to give it to him and trust it will be okay. I know my Savior loves me and I trust him to guide me and take care of me. It will really be okay! Pray, he is there. He hears you. Look, he may be speaking to you. Sometimes I know from personal experiences that it can be hard to keep our eyes open and look at what the Lord is telling us. But I know in simple greened leafed moments and several others my Savior, Jesus Christ is always speaking to me, guiding me. -Chelle

If Your Neck is Hurting, Maybe You Need One of These

SICK TIP: Over the years of having POTS/Dysautonomia.... and among other things. I sleep in the most crazy cranked up positions possible. Due to pain. Result: my neck will hurt from it. Fix: I bought a memory foam traveling neck pillow. Yes, it really does work for me! So if you are desperate and sleeping crazy I would definitely suggest one. Even if you just suffer from neck pain in general it could be worth a try! It also keeps me sleeping on my back and if you have this problem while sleeping you totally know what I am talking about. Sleeping on your back again, probably will feel wonderful! Sleep tight! Chelle

You can get these at Walgreens 2 for $10 right now with your rewards card!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wrong Decision Dysautonomia

Do you ever do something and wish you would have done it a different way?? Well this morning I woke up at lovely 10:30. Why did I sleep in so late on a Tuesday morning?? Oh, that's because  I was up all night with the worst inconsolable headache ever. So of course when I woke up my first thought was oh no the grass! Our yard is tiny so when my parents put down hydra seed I got the job of keeping the soil moist. (it's monsoon season so basically early morning and evening when it is cool, because I get very sick in the heat and my blood volume shrinks by the minute) So when I woke up so late I looked out the window at that grass! It was dry! In my panic I just went out there didn't think all I was thinking was oh no the grass is dry looking.... So as I am watering the grass in the sunshine, I start to feel a little dizzy and a little funky.... by the time I got inside I was in pass out mode. Dysautonomia was having a hay day with my body. I knew I needed salt to build my blood volume back up. So I hurriedly grabbed a slice of cheese and ate it so I could take 2 salt tabs. Then I drank a small Gatorade. Then I had a horrid pedialyte popsicle. That seemed to do the trick. Then I put a cold compress on my neck to cool me down. As I was doing all this I realized why did I even do this? I should have just slowed down and ate breakfast then watered. Sometimes we put unimportant things in front of important things. It is not because we are stupid, just because we are trying and sometimes I think we become forgetful. I just knew if I would have chose the right and took care of my condition, I would have been fine and having a better day. Now normally when I think choose the right I think the difference between good and bad....But in everyday life choosing the right simplifies our life, like if I would of chosen the right and ate... even the littlest things in life are better if we always choose the right. I think that's just another way God is making our life's easier with this knowledge we have - Chelle

Monday, July 14, 2014

No Makeup, No Worries???

No make up No worries... (well almost)
Well in the morning makeup is not always an necessity you see, sometimes it is make up or doing a task... the task always wins. Having low energy and being ill you learn that makeup sometimes is just not in the cards of the day. And that's okay. beauty is not skin deep it is heart deep!
On a whole different but related note, I did my tiny walk this morning it was cloudy and  simply not too hot not too cold weather about halfway into my walk  I realized our new  neighbors moving in...I decided to do the walk last minute grabbed my dog and left for down the street. I wasn't expecting to see anyone. Well lets just say I had makeup smeared down my eyes and my greasy hair in a bun and my worn out shorts on haha I came home and showered (that was the plan) I am sure that woman thinks I am  a hobo haha there is a difference between no make up and needing to get hosed down haha I needed that this morning. She was super nice and didn't act like she even noticed (I am sure she did) love kind people <3 Keeping my days interesting-xoxo, Chelle

Friday, July 11, 2014

Test Dummy

Do you ever feel like a test dummy while receiving medical care? I know we need these tests and I understand their importance but sometimes I just wish I could step away from them haha it seems I always have a test to get done via lab work or MRI or CT scans ect. ect. I wonder if it will ever end sometimes! Anyways had to rant. Good luck to all of you! May you be well! xoxo-Chelle

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Simple Life

 I Love the simple things in life and I wish Life could always stay simple....I am positive for years and years our ancestors have told their younger generations how messed up and bad the world was becoming, In some cases that was true at times. But I have a feeling not just my Grandpa's Grandpa said these words but way back to the beginning of man I am sure they said the same things to their children, or even their children's children. I will probably say it to my kids haha Every generation brings a change I think some good and some bad. But if we strive to be the best we can be and make righteous decisions.... Our ultimate Father in Heaven has told us we will be okay unto the end of time. He will take care of us, we never need loose sight of that. That does not mean afflictions won't come and go, Afflictions are simply part of life, Change is simply part of life. I just hope we keep the good things and qualities as generations carry on.
Don't mind the stickys on the wall that hung my quote up until yesterday baha
I had to throw in this picture I love my pup <3 Through thick and thin and all the sleepless nights and sleepy days he is by my side. I know he is just a dog but he is truly my bestie. I love you, Mr. Wrecker!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many;
but endure them for lo, I am with thee even unto the end of days"
D&C 24:8
Today I had a decent day I moved some stuff in my room around, including the sign that hung on my wall no on my dresser in straight view from my bed, that reads "come what may and love it" It is from an older talk from general conference but the night I streamed it on YouTube was a very comforting night listening to those words from elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. Now today I still take those very words straight to my  heart in times of frustrations or hardship. Last night I came across the quote above out of Doctrines and covenants. The Lord was preparing me for some bad news I think looking back. He was letting me know I will be okay. Got an Email from my Neurologist and he doesn't know about my watery nose.... So back to pcp and then to Ears, Nose,& throat. He also wants a brain MRI luckily I have one but its from 2012.... hope it works. It is not even all bad news for I prayed for more help from my doctor, I had to push him a little and be like hey answer my questions and look into these things I am going through. I prayed and the Lord graciously answered! I am just nervous about being so sick sometimes (yes I am doing better) but still neurologic conditions scare me. But if the Lord brings me to it he will bring me through it. & you too, if you are going through a trial. Prayers! Lots of Love to you! -Chelle

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

He hears us, He is there, He loves us all

My Heavenly Father hears me, he hears us all no matter what is going on or really on our minds... Tonight I held a heavy heart, and a little anxiety about the person I have become... I think at times we all ask ourselves "Have I done any good in the world today?" or " Is my life making a difference?" I think at times we second guess ourselves as things may not be what we feel they should be. This evening I went to the Grocery store with my mom to pick up a few things, as I had no makeup on and frumpy messy bunned hair. I just had that little reminder in my head of that old me is so gone.... in ways it is a blessing and a good thing the "old" (presick) me is gone for I have learned so much! but I do tend to long for that girl I used to be. Being sick took her from me, stripped me of my youth. I will never be a teen again and that's hard because now even if I get better somehow I will now be such a different adult. Sometimes my heart feels dreary when I think of these things. I am an adult and I don't have much to show for it. That is besides countless doctor appointments and tests, the medications. I have no car, no apartment, nothing besides what my parents graciously give me. These realities make me feel as little as an ant for I had a lot going for me when I was the "old me" I was smarter, I didn't forget things, I was creative, I was athletic. Now it's everything I can do to do simple basic tasks. but the improvements are there and I do embrace them very much! I miss being that glamorous young lady who cared about make up and hair and all the latest trends. Now I walk into a store with no clue what I think is even cute, or even a decent price. It's like I was stuck in  a jail for 2 years and now I just got sprung but the world seems so different. These are the moments I must remind myself how far I have come, just in different ways. I had and still have a mountain smacked in front of me and there was no way around it, I had to climb & climb hard! I am still climbing but the best part in the middle of all this chaos, emotions, and of course climbing.... I am growing testimonies, my faith is multiplying more then I can count. I am being blessed with my Savior's love endlessly. That makes all this negative everything, so worth it. All those bad days, sleepless nights, horrendous memories I have been growing a strength no one can ever take away from me as well as a very special bond with my Father in Heaven <3 He is there for me no matter what good or bad days I have. When I am down and worried he sends me his love and assurance . Every time. Tonight I had worry on my mind until I opened up my book of faith, and read the following with tear filled eyes and a beaming grateful heart; "And whoso shall ask it in my name in faith, they shall cast out devils; they shall heal the sick; they shall cause the blind to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak, and the lame to walk." - D&C 35:9. Also I read; "49. He who hath faith to see shall see. 50 He who hath faith to hear shall hear. 51 The lame who hath faith to leap shall leap 52 And they who have not faith to do these tings, but believe in me, have the power to become my sons; and inasmuch as they break not my laws thou shalt bear their infirmities." D&C 42-52. Just pray he is listening, pay attention he is there <3 - Chelle

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Brace Begins

I have no fourth of July Pictures!! What is wrong with me! I had a good fourth of July! and I hope you all did too <3

This is the little gem called my brace, it is all the latest fashion haha I hate it very much and at the same time I am grateful for it.... after so long it hurts and I rip it off and then later I hurt so I put it on again repeat, repeat, & repeat.... Last night I finally slept with it on and it did help some pain! It is helping my hips quite a bit! Still indulging in my special non histamine food diet...(I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder). it does help!  I do not eat: wheat, milk parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, (yikes) fermented cheese, egg whites uncooked*, chocolate, Shell fish, finned fish (what kinda fish does not have fins??), canned fish, some nuts, tomatoes, spinach, pineapple, strawberries, brewer's yeast, aged/processed meats, fermented veggies, & last but not least meat or fish that has been refrigerated for left overs ( must cook meat then freeze! While that leftover meat sits in the fridge it will grow mast cells. If you have a form of Mast Cell I would definitely try eliminating these foods! I had no clue what I was constantly eating was making me so ill! So TRY IT if you have Mast cell)Last night it rained and thundered with lightning and I loved it! Until I felt like it was making me sick every time it rains like that I just don't feel good. I had pressure in my head and spine (not comfortable!) this morning I woke up feeling like I had been hit by lighting! (not that I ever have been hit by lighting but if I had to guess that's how I felt)  I am positive it has to do with the barometric pressures. Maybe in time that will improve too! Have a little theory in my head as to why this is happening!! (with the help of DR. Diana Driscoll link : So thankful for the rain after such dry weather! These awful forest fires Forest fires need to stop! Rain is a  good thing!! xoxo- Chelle

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Think I Can

I have returned home today from yet another trip to physical therapy! Except this time I have returned with a Pelvic Belt (brace) it is super gorgeous! haha I honestly do not care what I look like as long as I feel better! I am happy to announce my diet is working!!! I am feeling better in a lot of ways since removing Mast Cell foods from my diet (it hasn't been an easy change, but I can feel My Heavenly Father lifting me up. Definitely giving me strengths I did not know possible) WAYS REMOVING MAST CELL FOODS ARE MAKING ME FEEL BETTER:
  1. My tummy isn't constantly hurting!
  2. Very little GERD!
  3. Very little Nausea
  4. Urinary frequency much better!(mast cells can get in your bladder! insane!)
  5. Not constantly complaining about how bad I feel ha
  6. Less bone aching ( mast cells are produced in the bone marrow)
  7. Life is much brighter this way! THOSE FOODS ARE NOT WORTH IT!!
Now I will list what I have totally avoided: Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, milk, strawberries, pineapple, spinach, tomatoes, processed/aged meats, wheat, nuts, chocolate, meat that has been cooked and refrigerated!

THIS HAS TRULY IMPROVED MY QUALITY OF LIFE! I am not healed (I want to make that clear) and have a long road ahead but feeling better at all is a victory to me! Mast Cell Activation is an angry thing and I had no clue I was making myself sick with histamine induced foods!!! NO Clue!!
Honestly I prayed my heart out and I prayed for any guidance as being sick was just drowning me in so much sorrow, I prayed for a cure, for a cause, for anything that could help me! I was a squashed ant! My redeemer totally guided me to look into this Mast Cell Diet, I was in bed just over it all.... and all the sudden I was like OH My GOSH I have to go look this up on the internet! and I did! I wouldn't have guided myself to that on my own without the knowledge.... God loves you! He Hears you! Even when you might not feel like it, Keep moving forward pray be faithful! I also have had a strength I have never experienced before, it's Jesus Christ he guides me constantly. I just have to listen.... My 1st grocery store trip was agonizing realizing all the foods I love that I can no longer eat! I know I prayed through that whole trip and he was helping me keep it together! During my trip to Mesa I was unsure of how eating out would go.... I did it, I wasn't 100% thrilled with all my small choices of what to eat but I just kept telling myself, "At least I can eat/." " I will learn to like new foods." and "Nope, you don't wanna do that." (if you watch duck dynasty and have seen the episode where Miss Kay goes bowling with her grandkids....that was the voice I kept hearing in my head... "Nope you don't wanna do that, Nope you don't wanna touch that" hahah I know the Lord is carrying me.... Very much! He has given me peace in some of the hardest challenges I face daily, He is so wonderful!! I hope for you all wellness!

I would like to leave you with these brilliant words from Henry B. Eyring: " Although his time is not always, our time we can be sure that the lord keeps his promises."- Henry B. Eyring.  XOXO-Chelle