Friday, January 31, 2014


My Grandmother and I, went to lunch for my birthday the other day:) It was a darling little place and they also had jewelry on display LOTS of jewelry lol. I decided I wanted to get myself a little something as a reminder of that beautiful day with my grandma who is not only my grandma but one of my best friends. She is a wonderful blessing in my life and I love to spend time with her. So I purchased this super cute over priced bracelet. but I know I will cherish it forever for what it stands for. My newest little keepsake. Hope your weekend is bright and I hope mine is full of snow or rain for we have hardly been getting any moisture at all and it is very dry and we so desperately need it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Autoimmune Diseases...Want to help???

Hey! Do you shop amazon?? well if you do shop the link below PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!  American Autoimmune Related Disease Association does so much for the autoimmune community!! I too suffer from auto immune diseases and It's so complicated...they do NOT know the cause, why these diseases occur. They only have toxic treatments. And they do research, share research, and continually give. Below is the link to shop amazon for AARDA!

If you want to know more about AARDA or autoimmune diseases, OR if you would be so kind and want to send a donation!! check them out at the link:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's my birthday! and a blast to the past.

this picture is a picture of me 21 years ago! I was born 3 months premature. I weight a whole 2 pounds, had tubes coming out of everywhere, and I spent months in the nicu. I am so lucky and blessed to be able to say from all that I only have asthma, scar tissue in my lungs, & I'm a little on the small side. I am SUCH a lucky girl! It's crazy to think of the things my body has overcome. I do not remember those times (thank goodness). These pictures used to freak me out, but now looking through these photos I realize I have a purpose and I am here on earth for a reason. My heavenly father has a plan for me & I know it! Today I am grateful for what I have the blessings I have received and the ones to come:)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

i was a little late but I did it! (haha)

nothing spectacular but after my long day of extreme fatigue, a little paper  work and scheduling(for doctors)...I finally decided to make myself look like a person at 5 in the evening. I am proud ha ha it might of took me all day to get to it but I must say a little makeup and hairdo can sure make me feel better! I'm even wearing leopard print leggings haha I love them! yes I do have short legs. did I ever mention I'm 4'11'' lol
                                 Oh and by the way I can finally Put my hair in a messy bun! I've been growing it out from a A-line bob that was chin short. I cut my hair about 2 years ago when I was wayyy sicker then I am now because oddly about half of it fell out and I have thin hair as it is. So I had to kiss my long hair goodbye but it's okay it was a nice change I can't say I didn't like my short hair but saying hello to my longer hair is such a good feeling! keep growing little hairs lol
Yes these are my favorite ever leopard print leggings:) Oh and my boots haha and a tiny bit of my pup's head haha

busy bee...

today is filled with making appointments and filling out the pages of paper work that comes with seeing a new doctor. These things need be done no matter how tired you are of how much pain you're in. With this comes the hope that you will finally find that doctor that will help you in the journey of being diagnosed. And the dread follows it will just be another doctor who finds the need to be a jerk and not help at all or treat me like I am nuts because I am sick. I do realize doctors are humans too and sometimes they simply do not know. I appreciate them telling me they don't know if they don't know. However some doctors simply have attitudes toward confusing cases. Word of advice to ANYONE who has or will see a doctor like this. Hey if the doctor says you are crazy or is unkind and rude don't listen get up and leave. if you are ill you know your body no one else so keep fighting that fight! It might take a hundred doctors but eventually you will find the one and that doctor will help you! Along with friends and family... you know you're body if someone is sending that negative vibe of you are just dramatic or a hypochondriac. just hit IGNORE. good luck to all facing the war of health! You are all amazing! I hope you all have a good day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

my heart needed a reminder. It got it. I want to share it with you!

      I posted this video because I came across it today and it gave my heart the reminder it needed.
I have been deep thinking &reflecting...Life is hard. But it's the trials and errors that put us where we need to be. These times of trouble are what force us to learn great things, and perhaps become the person we are destined to be. Not one single person on this earth gets to live a perfect life. Life is full of turmoil, lessons, reality checks, disappointments, mistakes, burden, humility, happiness, joy, faith. The list goes on and on. Every person on this earth experiences all these things and more all at different times & stages. We might break but wounds can heal. With faith. We are here for a reason and these things happen for a reason. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason! We may fall but we can pick ourselves back up from any situation. Our father in heaven will help you. God has a greater plan for us then what we can see here on this earth. He has a plan of eternity for us and these bumps in the road or goals achieved are all teaching techniques to show us how great we can be. We as humans don't want the bad to come we want the happy, goodness, & joy all the time. We wish and pray for it. I know I sure do anyways lol but I have also learned you have to take the good with the bad and do everything in your power to spread the good!  If we try to find during our struggles that little speck of goodness coming from it we will have the power to endure all hardships. I am not saying life is a nothingless time capsule of bad/negativity. or everyone should feel a certain way. I am just saying follow the lessons our father in heaven lays out for us. Even when it's dark out the stars shine brightness through into our hearts. Be that star of brightness! even if that brightness is just a teeny tiny glimmer of light. If you find it, it will grow. Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and if your week is already off to a rough start I hope the burden may be lifted. Have faith it will all be okay:)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dog Love

     This is Mr. Wrecker my dog. He is a shitzu Chihuahua. I got him four years ago from my older sisters coworker. We picked him up one morning for a day "test run" (since we had never had a dog before) I of course  did a lot of begging and my dad said no. Well... I drove him home and he jumped out of his box and came to the driver seat. I ended up running into my dad at a four way stop. So I shoved the dog down into my lap and waved to my unknowing dad.hehe Finally after we arrived home the owners said I had to keep him that day or they were giving him to someone else. We kept him and he has been my best friend every since! Long story short we named him wrecker after home wrecker since he wasn't aloud and my parents  disagreed. He is truly a very well behaved dog and my dad came around And loves him a ton too!
                                              BEST FRIENDS<3

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throw back Thursday

                                    WE (my mother and I) drive the salt river canyon every other week now
                              to make it to physical therapy and doctor appointments! on the bright side
                                                              it is a beautiful sight!
This is me back in July making our what was then weekly 3 hour drive so I could go to physical therapy. I was having fun entertaining myself lol.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little bit about me...

All in a nut shell... I am almost 21 years old! I am not the average twenty year old however, I have been sick since age 14, it all started with an ovarian cyst that turned into me being in constant pain & an endometriosis diagnosis at age 15. following that I was not the normal teenager and suffered through with pain and feeling very ill most days. I did however choose to continue on varsity dance and ending my senior year on varsity cheer because, it was MY life and nothing was going to stop me (even though my body did some days and it was SO challenging) I had my heavenly father at my side through all of high school and my health challenges. Then I graduated and did online school (for college) and ended up being so incredibly sick my life stopped at a screeching hault and still has. almost 3 yrs later I continue in this battle. It has been a long three years...( this is what my past 3 years have been fulfilled with...) I have a diagnosis to my pelvic pain called (I still do have endometriosis) pelvic floor tension myalgia and I was so bad at diagnosis I was falling down and couldn't really stand or walk. I was categorized as someone who had their pelvis totally crushed in a roll over accident. BUT I WAS NOT in an accident my body did it to itself from living in daily intense pain. I had surgery at st joseph's advanced pelvic pain and gynecology by Dr Anita Desai. They are wonderful and know so so much more! I have been in physical therapy for one year and 7 months. I have at least that long left for a recovery but everyone is different. during this time I have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases none of these are contagious* Lichen Planus, is a connective tissue disease(which basically feels like you are being burned with a curling iron or a hot pan when flared. You can get lichen planus pretty much all over too. In your mouth, skin, private parts, throat. I believe you can get it anywhere)  and Sjogren's Syndrome.( inflammation attacks moisture producing glands, so dry eyes, mouth and skin. Then your joints swell, you get extreme fatigue, brain fog and so much else.) Panic disorder panic attacks for no reason due to your adrenaline never turning off, I developed this from being ill. it will be cured one day:))  my autoimmune diseases will never go away.  I am currently still sick and having a hard time getting any final diagnoses, despite several specialist later and several different types of treatments. I have no new answers to being so sick.  I will continue to fight this battle. I truly believe the biggest trials in life are the BIGGEST BLESSINGS. That does not mean trials are a walk in the park I have good days and bad like everyone else but I feel I have to fight extra hard some days.  I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of ladder day saints. I get through the bad because my father in heaven helps me continuously. He reminds me what really matters in life and I couldn't do it any other way. I feel like I am sick for a reason even though I do not know why. I may have challenges and things may not go the way I plan but I am very blessed and this is my story... I am learning to take things one day at a time  hence my blog Chelle's Hope, one day at a time. My life is a beautiful gift. (I hope to be cured 100% but this is my wonderful, crazy, insane journey)