Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back at it

I am happily back home currently feeding through my working j tube. Yay! The endoscopy went good. I had scary low blood sugar levels when I arrived to the hospy. Luckily I have my glucose meter to test my blood sugar levels. I ended up on the hospy floor ew gross! This geemaphobe did not even care. They ended up pushing glucose through my Iv we didn't use my port.                             I am feeling better slowly but oh so worn out! My brain as weird as this sounds feels stronger today. I plan on more resting today. Oh and looking through the internet staring at pediatric wheel chairs. I can walk and all. But when I am out for a long time I get sick from my postural Orthostatic tachy syndrome a.k.a POTS. So instead of locking myself up in my bed I am looking at this as a tool to help me get out and about like I used to do. Now will I use this daily or everytime I leave my house? No way, I have two good legs that u will use I just need help when they get floppy lol ... It's stressful trying to find a wheel chair and what you want I. One. Wish me luck because I am back at it again! Not giving up on this #dysautonomia fight! This photo was right after surgery a little puffy swollen.-Chelle