Saturday, October 17, 2015

fill in

Yes I had a good day this week! Go me!! I drove my beloved Herbie, left the house, put makeup on, did my hair, and went to the store (gasp) it's such a pain being so weak and I'll. the tasks that seem so simple are far from to my body.... But I am learning to have a much higher appreciation for simplicity! 
On anther update concerning the past week, I am having a problem. I can't quit eating by mouth I am starving. I can throw up and literally just think about eating. I vent out what I eat by mouth mostly through my g tube in my tummy that's the big tube connected to the ziplock (yes it's gross) then I feed through the other tube my formula ... That's called the j tube. I am sick of feeling like I am starving and no matter how sick, the price I pay for eating, my fake but very real starvation is out of control. That's what is going on much love to you! xo-Chelle