Sunday, January 15, 2017

Milestones through the looking glass

Today is a BIG day!
I finally have decided to be brave enough to box up my port supplies. I have not been on daily ivs for many months now but it's just been a little too nerve racking to box it all up. (And I haven't been able to take the time to conplete the task of boxing up port/ IV supplies (along with that task comes completely reorganizing all medical supplies and storage.) but though honestly my last week has been my roughest in months ... I choose to be brave! Eating was rough this past week. Part of living with Gastroparesis is times of uncertainty. My body has been more nauseated and I'm not hungry. I also am getting full easily. So force feed. I did not give up last time... I did these same things they simply did not work then... It's in the Lords hands, that I do know. So we take a deep breath and count our blessings. Enjoy the moment and rejoice in the good! God is oh so good! I will rest in him. Hopefully more supplies will be boxed up soon!! "It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will ALWAYS find a way."-Unknown. Heavenly Father has been telling me to be strong and courageous and that's what I am doing. "& I am not my body" is this year quote. If anything it's something I have learned this year. Though it's not always that simple I will do my best. Keep going! Two years ago TODAY I had my first NasoJejunal tube placed.
(Because I have Dysautonomia and it gave me Gastroparesis). I didn't know this until after I boxed up my port supplies. Crazy the reference of time. I did not know those feed rates would stay low for years. Leaving me with the only choice to also add daily IVS through a port to drink. Today I boxed those memories up with hopes they stay in that box. I never would have guessed getting better would ever be in my path. Not a six months ago not a year ago. Not two years ago. Who knows maybe this will last a year or six months. But something nothing can take away is the knowledge that my body can Improve. End of story. Don't give up on yourself ever! No matter what battle you face, let God help. You. He will be there even when things are ugly and not going your way. You are too precious! Chins up-Chelle (I am still on formula. I think it's helping. Had to cut back to half a can because I was getting sick but my theory is half a can is better than no can... And I hopefully can bump it up. I am eating by mouth and drinking. I am putting the formula into my stomach.
Not into the small intestine we are using My new friend the belly still. That in itself is a blessing.) #update 
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