Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oh So Blessed. Oh So!

I am SO blessed. I have been having some seriously fun amazing times! (This is my post shooting "look"... (I had so much fun with my Brother and Sister shooting today after church.) another moment of gratitude hits my full heart!
I know God holds all credit of these amazing milestones. I have been for a full two weeks living life AGAIN! Today in church during sacrament it hit me... Just two months ago I was on DAILY Iv fluids, because I could not tolerate jejunal feeds through my feeding tube. I worked my way back to all fluids and formula through my J tube. I keep pushing (as always... I have spent many many hours heaving my guts out because I was stubborn and ate with Gastroparesis. In a state where I literally couldn't have a sip of water.) I now went 2 whole days! TWO DAYS!! Eating by mouth!! (Minus fluids) wow! I am working on finding how I can have a well rounded diet with GP and its flare ups! I am working out daily. (A proven POTS improver... But my body simply couldn't.) I lost my nutrition. I was stuck in bed. Mostly because doctors did not know what was wrong... Neuros won't talk about remission to me. But my soul could not and would not stop. I couldn't give in... Even when I had no choice. But my neuro was SO pleased and jumping up and down with me just three short months ago. I am excited to see him in two weeks. And TODAY I was sitting in Church with a full heart of grate of all the things I have completed in a short time! True milestones. I am excited to keep trying. I am excited for the opportunity to LIVE My life. God stripped me down to nothing. He gave me a pile of No. But I am upon my mountain top... Humbled. Happy. Wiser. And Oh so blessed! I am still Michelle. However... A BETTER ME! One thing is certain God is telling me to go for it! I believe I have new callings & new directions in my life ahead of me. I am not cured. I have Dysautonomia. Bad days will surely come. Dysautonomia is still a mystery to the world. But we are managing better and learning what triggers me as a whole. I am having time to gain strength. Neuro bellies can reverse. But life is clicking for me  again. Keep going. Keep fighting your fights... Your battles... Your trials! Because Heavenly Father is there. He is molding You into a You that You did not know could exist. Pray, listen to that still small voice, and let him take care of the rest. He loves you more than anything!! Now I'm going to go spread my wings and fly! Never give up Lovies. I love all of You. -Chelle 
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