Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another Update. Another.

I have been pondering my thoughts this week. I have realized that most my Doctor posts are frusterating scenarios... How about we take a minute and A. Thank all MY Doctors! I have a very hand picked few that make up my team. (And let me tell you, they are so awesome) all of them go the extra mile for me. They all have compassion and work  their butts off to keep me going. So thank you to all my doctor (insert big hearts)! I have learned a few things the past week or so... Zofran has been causing my massive migraines (what?!) I am thinking eliminating that out of my daily routine is good to offer some serious help! I also found (Tubies) that phenegran comes in a lotion! Yes, how awesome! I am working on getting my phenegran in that form. If your formula makes you sick (because we know Gastroparesis weens and wanes) water it down. Or if you drink pediasure, Orgain... or any of those drinks and are struggling to tolerate you can water them down. Who would have known? I was doing really good with eating by mouth. Well for whatever reason this week that came to a screeching hault... I also lost my appetite. Something I actually don't struggle with (you know I am actually one who struggles with feeling starving) I have learned to force feed as much as possible. And when that just doesn't cut it... Eating sugary something tends to make my body want to eat more (when it decides that food is not a necessity in life)   I also have upped my yoga practice. Especially before bed. I don't do workout yoga I do relaxation, destressing yoga. It works! I think it's important to tell the body to calm down with Dysautonomia when the body is constantly revved. Get that heart rate calmer, the head clearer. I seriously am starting to swear by relaxation techniques. (Not a cure but it makes a difference) I also have done cardio all week and I'm yeah after being sick for two weeks I did not loose it all (like normal) I have been able to crank out a mile a day of good cardio 💪. If you don't know already. In Dysautonomia/ POTS cardio and leg/core strengthening is as important as sodium to restore. Plus who doesn't want to be simply stronger? I should not have any procedures for 6 months if all goes as planned and my feeding tube behaves! (I believe if my tube behaves and I stay out of the operating room my body will have a fighting chance.) that's why I fell so hard this summer...I lost a tube and my nutrition did not bounce back... Then I have a virus. Then I had Endo surgery. Now I've had my tube replaced and we are crossing our fingers... lets do this folks! Seriously. Moving forward with life Dysautonomia can take a back seat! I am taking charge. (I have some big plans in the works and in my head) "maybe I'm just a little girl, a little girl with great big plans" -Who sings that??! One Big Leap of Faith... -Chelle 
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