Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My POTS is not doing so well. I am struggled yesterday. I have spent the whole day in bed nonfunctional. I think.oh am lower in sodium but when I try to eat more through j tube I have pain. Now I am not tolerating feeds. Also having lots of abdominal pains..my hands are weak, numb, and it takes every thing to type. I am actually pretty miserable. Standing is a chore my heart was racing to the point of waking me up. Very nauseous and I spilt my pill box all over .
This is just a POTS day. I am not unhappy. Just working on being patient I've reached a new place in life that is giving me peace.in my heart.I have a drive here on earth. I guess now it is time to call the doctors and let them do their parts.-Chelle
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