Thursday, June 25, 2015


I have been recovering and coping with my new or not so new lifestyle. My heart is going through phases of this isn't fair, this can't (although it already has) be happening... to I can do this, finding heavenly peace,to finding how I do help others daily. Even with my disabilities...with my thick illness. Yes, I am scared right now. Not because anything's particularly"worse" I have what I have. It seems and wanes. But because being sick is hard and scary. I want to quit but I cannot... it's not an option.ever. so trekking forward I will, with hope in my heart for a brighter day. I am sad and depressed at times. Ask anyone who is ill all the time... they will be lying if they say it never happens. We have to grieve it. But I know through my heavenly father I can find peace. That was something strong in my priest hood blessing last night. I know heavenly father knows me,and my sufferings. He also knows the bigger picture I don't. I trust him with it. Just put your faith in God and he will bless you. That's something I knew but have relearned this past week.

I had to share my funny feeding tube dilemmas. The problem: the bottom of the tube is too weighted and pulls really hard like an anchor. Causing pain. I tape it and it just falls off. Any ways my fix: who needs a neck pillow for their neck?? Me I use it for a personal tube holder haha
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