Thursday, July 16, 2015

Don't be Afraid to Leave your heart on your sleeve

Most the time in the chronically ill community we put our game faces on, brush it off the best we can, and say ,"I am okay!" With big smiles but what I think I should say some times is, " I am NOT okay." "I am struggling to live with my illnesses" " I get sad too." I don't mean to say we should run around airing all of our dirty laundy to everyone we know... but to wear our hearts on our sleeves to let others in. Especially those with a deeper understanding of chronic pain. Like our spoonie friends! Opening up can open doors for a fellow ill friend to feel not so alone in the war and it will bounce right back to you and you will see you aren't alone with your illness struggles, as well. We all go through dark times. Where I feel alone the most is in my pain, the mental pain but I have come to find most my sickly friends grieve and go through similar things I do. Sometimes letting others see our open hearts (I believe) will bring good things to come. Pray earnestly in dark times for you are never alone. God is there our savior Jesus Christ is there!! If you ever are feeling alone or hopeless please feel free to message me anytime! We can break down barriers of not understanding and hopefully reach a new level of compassion towards others and ourselves. A song by lady A called never alone goes "may you win but stay humble Smile more than grumble and know when you stumble you're never alone "Your friend-Chelle
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