Thursday, July 9, 2015

My 4th

  Especially Best Mom Ever!

                       Sister and her husband(brother)
I love this grandma of mine so much!! 

My Fourth was good and simple. I went to the parade luckily my family has a business we always gather at (and more importantly it keeps me cooled off so I can go)
Then back home for rest a a bag of saline to keep me going.
Then to my sister's house for fireworks!! Then the 5th in bed recovering!!
Taking it easy today... with Mr. Wrecker...I  have encountered a bad Lichen Planus flare and had to immune suppressant and steriod creams, sometimes I wonder how my body does it all I read today POTS patients take three times the energy just to stand... I guess instead of complaining about my symptoms so much I have kinda stood in amazement. Dealing with the yearly nightly monsoon migraines aren't fun but working on my brave -Chelle
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