Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Being sick is a big pain in the butt!!

If anyone ever questions my organization skills. I mean I had to pop this out and organize every pill at 11:00 last night when I realized it was Monday not Sunday night.
Just jump into my life for five seconds between countless medications, putting feeds together,  taking care of my own port and Ivs, physical therapy, doctor appointments, sceduling, and the big stuff in between that isn't my job technically but every sickie knows it is our job or it will never get done. You get an x Ray you have to be the one to make the calls to find out if things are ok, need a wheelchair or anything else for you care better be prepared to fight insurance over something so little and vague that it matters you get your chair or. Not. I literally have been fighting for months for my wheel chair and my neurologist assured me this is normal. They will tell you no based on wording. Literally  is the matter of using fatigue the doctor writes tired or vice versa. Oh you don't get your chair. In my case I had loads of notes on autonomic dysfunction and on or two sentences in these pages of notes stating that I had chronic migraines because at my appointment we take care of several issues that specific appointment was migraines and my dysautonomia causing me to not be able to handle long outing my legs and body can't support that. So instead of sitting home by myself we decided it was time to get me a chair for my independence and quality of life. It just is so stressful and heart wrenching when you can't get what you need over something  so little and vague. My hopes are frustrated today but it can still be a good day.  love, hang in there, never give up-Chelle