Monday, February 8, 2016


I first want to brag about my good day! Physical therapy is helping me. (Knock on wood) and I really don't think a cure or remission will come of it but if I get better days, we are on the right path!
Well, if you are chronically ill you are used to the fighting. And I mean the fighting for your care. Not just the physical stuff. Sometimes we really have to fight to receive the proper care for our needs. The other day on the phone the other party  tried so hard to talk me out of we will call, leaving a message about an issue I was having. This was all because  I was only one person and they simply would not care.... You know what my response was?? "I am going to any way this is a problem that needs a solution and I might be just one person but my health matters to me." Now I realize that I will more then likely be in fact ignored. They may simply not care. But I have a voice and a problem that needed a solution and I am not going to sit back and wine about things without making my voice be heard to the people that are there to do the hearing. I might just be one person but when other one persons come around it may catch an eye or an ear somewhere. I do believe in getting further with honey. I also would like to make the point that you can raise an issue while being kind, Respectful , and polite. Just because there is an issue doesn't mean you have to be mean or wound up. But my main point of this is your voice is meant to be heard never let someone else make you feel or talk you into thinking your voice has no value because it always does. Especially when defending your needs medically because boy do we all know, in the medical chronically complicated world. Times will come up  when we do the educating and advocating for our patient care. We have to stick up for our selfs and our health! (which both are very important) your voice matters no matter how small or seemingly alone! Hugs and hearts, Chelle