Monday, February 22, 2016

I had a fall

I fell backwards with physical therapy progress. This is frustrating but I know it's part of it. Just wish my body would behave itself. I keep comfort in my heart knowing God made me this way. There is a plan for me. I may be falling but I a living. Another punch in the gut is when you hear about people and their lives and your heart sinks through the floor as they talk about what they are doing. How they are doing. And I do want to hear ALWAYS I am happy for them. But I have my bad days where I feel so unfinished. But in the eternal prospect I need not worry for I am on my path, my plan.-Chelle
Simple acts of kindness go far. A sweet dear fellow support group friend Susan, sent me these books to read. It helps the bad days go along better. Moments like these i feel the savior a love for me through others. I will be passing along the tradition. I am blessed