Friday, February 12, 2016

Sleeping Beauty and FTA

Luckily I was able to eat in my sleep haha 
Today has been one for the bed. I have had such a good couple of weeks....But today I basically slept all last night. Woke up for a bit. Then ate a little by mouth. I Ended up making myself sick. Took a hefty dose of nausea Meds and back out until tonight! Holy cow can I sleep sometimes. I am unsure if the side effects of many medications, not having the best diet, or just being sick in general  that does this to me. This week is feeding tube awareness week!!check out the link below to support and learn more about tubies like me!
These are my infamous puke bowls. I don't puke  in a toilet anymore. Unless  I absolutely have to. Why??? A.Germs, B. Bowls are more clean... Germs, C. I don't  enjoy putting my face by a toilet seat! However my bowls  accidentally got put away in the cupboard. yuck! I mean they get rinsed and cleaned in my bathroom and apparently these got extra cleaned and put in the cupboard by accident. Now my solution is to get my sharpies out and mark them so this won't happen again. It's moments like this I wish I could draw... I will turn to some quotes, "let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore." "The pukester 3000" "reserved for the pukies" last but not least "place here" haha. -Chelle