Thursday, February 25, 2016

This week has been thoroughly awesome !!

This week has been thoroughly awesome!! I had a frustrating moment with trying to get a different lighter pump for my feeds. (Because now that I go to physical therapy I am out of the house more and the weight of my feeding backpack kills my back) but yesterday I found out I will be getting the light weight pump today! Whoop! I also have had a strange amount of energy this week which is amazing. My only downfall... I can't sleep no matter what! I also have but the bullet and have been considering to attempt going back to school online. Lots of exciting things this week/update. I have been a busy bee. And I seriously couldn't be happier! I feel the savoir's love for me not because things are going my way, but I can just feel it in me guiding me, on what to do. Which path to take, to choose! Low times come and so do high times... Enjoy every moment of the highs while you have them and don't waste one second thinking about the lows because they will surely come again! So seriously just bask in a good moment for this is your life!-Chelle