Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/17/17 mystery weekend sickness found!

After spending two nights in the ER
Apparently with Spider-Man. 
Guys do you want some good news!?  I know I do!! I think we finally figured what's going on with this past weekend post surgery lung sickness! I have bronchial spasming... (Which is hilarious and annoying because every medical professional this whole weekend have been told from Me, "I feel like I am having bronchial spams." ) just Listen to me folks! I really do know what my body is doing ๐Ÿ˜Ž I am that cool. Don't doubt! Lol 
But to be honest it was a very hard weekend for me and my body was sick and I didn't have help despite my best tries. (Well and it was weekend so you know doctors have life's too) so that stretched it out further. I just felt horrible and it was like no one could hear me medically. It was like beating my head into a wall. And I knew something was wrong. I was getting worse by the day...I was in the ER last night again! (I really broke my running streak of not going to the ER) but we went in because on Tylenol my fevers didn't break, all weekend long... My fever last night hit 101 on Tylenol.
I was like shoot! (I did not want to go) but with having a port a cath and medical issues you have to be smart and safe (even when you don't want to!) and of course low potassium (low potassium is turning into the story of my lab work results lately...) i 
am literally now being a good girl and running an extra special potassium dose through my Jtube with a dash of formula so it looks well weird pumpkin orange. I am being a festive Tubie lol today (Tuesday) 
as I type. Gotta keep that potassium up ☝️.... Can I take a minute to say what an Truly Amazing woman my mother is! 
She is seriously the best Mom in the world!! She never leaves me alone through tough medical journeys. She never has ever doubted me when doctors did and she easily could. She still pushes me forward on my worst days. She sits and listens to to me on my weepy days. She isn't afraid to tell me to fight this beastly condition because I am worth it. She shows me how to pick up the pieces along the way. She reminds me when I forget that I can do this. She is there for my grouchy throw a fit about being sick/Tubie chaos days. She is there for all the good positive moments that no one else truly can know how something so simple in our life can make my day. (Like eating half a turkey sandwich) She is there when the odds aren't with us. She is the one who is always no matter what by my side.  
Even when she works full time and has work the next day she is there in the ED with me all night long! Mom, you are one INCREDIBLE person I'm so grateful and lucky that God made you My Mom! On of the truly most beautiful hearted ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜˜Thank you Mom for all the million and ten things you do for me! I love you to the moon and back to infinity and beyond๐Ÿ’•. You are my rock in this messy life and you keep me going. Thank you doesn't cover all my Mom does! It never could begin to...there are simply not enough words for how many thank you's my heart holds for you! Mom you are my biggest blessing in this life xoxo ๐Ÿ’•                                             So I have 
bronchial spams diagnosed by PCP this morning and that means basically my lungs have been spasming. It is from the surgery I had last Thursday to get my GJ tube replaced. It just happens after surgery sometimes. I will take my breathing treatments and pray it goes away! (I think a week of treatments. But these treatments can very well mess with my POTS) My pcp also thinks fever is my body's reaction to the lung spasms... everything just is angry that I am sick. This body needs to recover and chill. But feeling so relived! Because it is truly worrysome when you are sick and you know it, but your body doesn show it! Ay yi yi! (Actually my body did show bronchial spasming the ER visits missed it my lungs wheeze through the stethoscope) okay let's try and get better now. Capiche?. Lots of Love, Chelle 
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