Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Faithfully God's Timings, hope for healing

Every time I see these autoimmune posts my heart gets so happy! (I did not always believe in autoimmunity as the possible cause... Until recently, when I sat down and listened to a doctor who had been studying This very thing... He made all my "questions" disappear because he had legit answers to them during the hour Lon presentation. It changed my thoughts that day. I felt strongly confident. Like why when I was on immune suppressants for two years did I not have improvements for POTS... (Well they explained there in that study., has to be a specific dose to work at all and they have other things in the works as well for autoimmunity, and I am seeing these links below weekly or more.)... Another thing I used to not love was that my rarely known disease did not have a lot of research... The past year holy cow have amazing people worked together to help us patients! Not just in our country but we have a world wide data base where our researchers work together from country to country. This gives me hope in today and hope in the rest of my days here on this earth!  This is why knowledge by doctors, and others is so important! If thy know they can better diagnose and know how to help... People can learn and get more funding for research... The more research the more they learn. The more they learn about a little known disease the better they can treat... The better they treat the better my life. This may sound weird but I have a really strong faith that I won't be cured but the next 5-10years they will in fact find better treatments to improve my quality of life with this condition! (An many others) Every time I've been praying about this disease and healing the past just few short months. That is the answer I receive. I also had a moment during conference that I truly felt this was reinforced into my heart... I will walk in strong faith of that and wait for "my day" to come! #hope #faith #beleive #GodCan when we can't provide -Chelle
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