Monday, October 24, 2016

A Positive Note

So with Dysautonomia Awareness along with any awareness comes negativity. Because being sick is not a walk in the park. There is the ugly side of chronic. But there also holds a really positve side through this journey! Like, I have been shown so many amazing things in this life. I have received many blessings and I will never take life for granted again! I have the opportunity to be a better me... I literally am getting the chance to take all my shattered pieces and I get to put them all back together again into a bigger, better, braver, stronger me. The me I did not even know existed. I couldn't have found this me without Dysautonomia. Did my life go as planned? No, but whose does? Heartache and disaster will strike at times. In those times we get to grow. We get to truly test our endurance. Just when I think I have none left, I suprise myself. Without God in this life I don't know where or what I would be and I can honestly thank Dysautonomia for the biggest, greatest blessing in my life. My testimony. My faith has exsoared what I'd ever thought possible. So, the next time you break and you can't fix it. It's going to hurt but in that time you are becoming a part of something bigger than you can see in yourself. You will be able to find comforts from Heaven. Trust Heavenly Father. He can see the whole picture. Especially when we can't. Dysautonomia was not in My plans but it was all along. I will never take a simple bite of food for granted. A drink of water, sodium, energy to complete a day, the ability to stand up, or any other simple bodily function again. Though, workouts are tough, treatments are frusterating, & Doctors don't always know. I am here. I am being molded into the Michelle I was always meant to be. I have missed a few steps along the way but for every no held a greater yes. Isn't it funny how we see Gods work in our life's when we look back? I am SO tired right now but what I accomplished today won't go unrecognized. I'm brushing myself off. I have been pushed down. Pushed to every limit. I have broke. But because of that... I get to stand up again. Even better and brighter and with so much more fullness and love in my heart for God's plan. The real importances in life. Stand upon your mountain top when you get to the top and look at what You accomplished! Be proud! Don't let your mindset be full of  the worlds opinions of what you "should be", unimportant items, or what you don't have. Earthly things don't matter. The kind of car you drive, the house you live in, or the clothes on your back do not make you who you are! Count those blessings. No matter how seemingly small. Hug your family tight. How many simple moments of memories do you have? Do you remember the lavish times or does your heart smile when you remember reading the little piggies book with grandma, baking cookies in the kitchen, eating lucky charms at the counter with Grandad, being held up to the buffalo by Grandpa, going to the moon with cousins on the tramp,  taking all the couch cushions off and stacking them up to jump on them, turning your bedroom window into a "drive through" when Mom told you not to, making pretend IDs and money to play house, going to Eds for candy, playing with homemade play-dough, Ect. the giggles, goofiness. Getting beat up by the "Olders" like when you got hit in the head with a rock or tripped on the red scooter so your bloody nose matched.  Leave your imprints on this world. The simple ones, the beauty of your heart... Those are the things people will be remember. Those are the best times. See the tears, feel the pain but you decided what it does to you. Let yourself become who God wants you to become. Don't let the destruction of this world break you. You are too beautiful not to soar. Let your heart and soul shine. Remember who you are! Love always, -Chelle (this song  is my anthem. Let your heartbreaks in life be beautiful heartbreaks,