Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wrecker has Surgery 10/19/16

Me and Mr. Wrecker yesterday... He absolutely hates the nebulizer! I mean it really freaks him out! But I grabbed him up and snapped a priceless photo! (Look at that face, he was not having it) he ran like point one second after this was snapped.
This Dog means the world to me, he is always my little caregiving big hearted friend! Today we reverse...
Best Dog ever had sugery today (insert big frowns) We probably should have rescheduled but My Mom was off work and it was already appointed and we decided if we were going to have a hard week... We may as well get this over with too. (It needed to be done) So Wrecker had almost all his teethies pulled and is recovering. (Poor thing had an abcessed tooth a few weeks ago and lots of bone loss to most his teeth... Luckily we were able to keep the canines) So we are resting and I am gonna be his support this time! I have the best pup ever, his heart is the biggest! Let's both heal now buddy! And put this week behind us. Love you little Pup, sorry your teeth are gone (don't grow up yet, oh how I don't likenhownhe is middle aged! Does the world not know how he is like still a puppy in my mind?) Thanks to all who have reached out to me this rough past week! I truly appreciate all the prayers and support! (Think I'm having a better day today) .....I know I have some really good prayer senders out there... please keep a sweet friend of mine in your prayers. I know the power of prayer is great. God knows more then we do but he also helps us along the way! And I know he hears each and everyone of us all!  It's truly a battle to get care in our situations. Unfortunelty, no matter how serious. They are appreciated truly! XO- Chelle 
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