Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bradycardia (seriously? Is this a joke?)

I'm finally home!! No place like home, truly. I also had a doctors appointment today. My heart rate keeps dropping to the thirties. (Yeah 30s) and after discussion we concluded its my POTS reaction to pain levels being oh so high. A normal bodies response would be a heightened heart rate nope. Mine is to slow. So now my condition that causes high heart rates also is causing low heart rates for me. I am not liking my new scary symptom! Hopefully now that pain is more in control this situation will line itself out! Low heart rate really!? (I can make it better by standing up 😂 broken nervous system). One week down hopefully the next week will go so much easier! Surgery is not easy on a POTSie. Obviously tachycardia to bradycardia. I've missed my Wrecker and I am glad to finally be home with him! He brought me every single one of his toys as I slept today. Haha. He knows when I am sick and he always takes good care of me. 
Goofy dog, I love You!
My cheeks have turned a lovely shade of yellow and are healing (Mom says they look so much better. I have avoided the mirror as a general rule of thumb. It's been a good rule. I think I still look like a chipmunk face.) as long as the pain is better I will be just fine puffy faced or not!! I guess the deep bone pain is not really manageable despite the pain meds. You just have to wait it out. My jaw was pretty traumatized as well. I had a lot going on in that mouth apparently. They changed from nasal intubation to mouth last minute since my nasal cavaty is so small. (Anesthiaologist knew of POTS & didn't want to cause more harm than damage knowing how we are. I also bleed a lot so he had to take that into play.) Tummy is better for sure then it was the other day! GI just placed me on a long hold until after 5 and hung up on me... Classy. Maybe one day they will fix their own mistake and get me a tube. Maybe I need an attorney? I do not understand this. (Now I can't call back until tomorrow).
How many weeks have I been trying to get a G tube? I've lost count...  I will not quit trying. More rest and time. More soreness today. Let's heal!-Chelle