Monday, January 27, 2014

my heart needed a reminder. It got it. I want to share it with you!

      I posted this video because I came across it today and it gave my heart the reminder it needed.
I have been deep thinking &reflecting...Life is hard. But it's the trials and errors that put us where we need to be. These times of trouble are what force us to learn great things, and perhaps become the person we are destined to be. Not one single person on this earth gets to live a perfect life. Life is full of turmoil, lessons, reality checks, disappointments, mistakes, burden, humility, happiness, joy, faith. The list goes on and on. Every person on this earth experiences all these things and more all at different times & stages. We might break but wounds can heal. With faith. We are here for a reason and these things happen for a reason. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason! We may fall but we can pick ourselves back up from any situation. Our father in heaven will help you. God has a greater plan for us then what we can see here on this earth. He has a plan of eternity for us and these bumps in the road or goals achieved are all teaching techniques to show us how great we can be. We as humans don't want the bad to come we want the happy, goodness, & joy all the time. We wish and pray for it. I know I sure do anyways lol but I have also learned you have to take the good with the bad and do everything in your power to spread the good!  If we try to find during our struggles that little speck of goodness coming from it we will have the power to endure all hardships. I am not saying life is a nothingless time capsule of bad/negativity. or everyone should feel a certain way. I am just saying follow the lessons our father in heaven lays out for us. Even when it's dark out the stars shine brightness through into our hearts. Be that star of brightness! even if that brightness is just a teeny tiny glimmer of light. If you find it, it will grow. Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and if your week is already off to a rough start I hope the burden may be lifted. Have faith it will all be okay:)
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