Tuesday, January 28, 2014

i was a little late but I did it! (haha)

nothing spectacular but after my long day of extreme fatigue, a little paper  work and scheduling(for doctors)...I finally decided to make myself look like a person at 5 in the evening. I am proud ha ha it might of took me all day to get to it but I must say a little makeup and hairdo can sure make me feel better! I'm even wearing leopard print leggings haha I love them! yes I do have short legs. did I ever mention I'm 4'11'' lol
                                 Oh and by the way I can finally Put my hair in a messy bun! I've been growing it out from a A-line bob that was chin short. I cut my hair about 2 years ago when I was wayyy sicker then I am now because oddly about half of it fell out and I have thin hair as it is. So I had to kiss my long hair goodbye but it's okay it was a nice change I can't say I didn't like my short hair but saying hello to my longer hair is such a good feeling! keep growing little hairs lol
Yes these are my favorite ever leopard print leggings:) Oh and my boots haha and a tiny bit of my pup's head haha
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