Friday, January 24, 2014

Dog Love

     This is Mr. Wrecker my dog. He is a shitzu Chihuahua. I got him four years ago from my older sisters coworker. We picked him up one morning for a day "test run" (since we had never had a dog before) I of course  did a lot of begging and my dad said no. Well... I drove him home and he jumped out of his box and came to the driver seat. I ended up running into my dad at a four way stop. So I shoved the dog down into my lap and waved to my unknowing dad.hehe Finally after we arrived home the owners said I had to keep him that day or they were giving him to someone else. We kept him and he has been my best friend every since! Long story short we named him wrecker after home wrecker since he wasn't aloud and my parents  disagreed. He is truly a very well behaved dog and my dad came around And loves him a ton too!
                                              BEST FRIENDS<3
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