Tuesday, January 28, 2014

busy bee...

today is filled with making appointments and filling out the pages of paper work that comes with seeing a new doctor. These things need be done no matter how tired you are of how much pain you're in. With this comes the hope that you will finally find that doctor that will help you in the journey of being diagnosed. And the dread follows it will just be another doctor who finds the need to be a jerk and not help at all or treat me like I am nuts because I am sick. I do realize doctors are humans too and sometimes they simply do not know. I appreciate them telling me they don't know if they don't know. However some doctors simply have attitudes toward confusing cases. Word of advice to ANYONE who has or will see a doctor like this. Hey if the doctor says you are crazy or is unkind and rude don't listen get up and leave. if you are ill you know your body no one else so keep fighting that fight! It might take a hundred doctors but eventually you will find the one and that doctor will help you! Along with friends and family... you know you're body if someone is sending that negative vibe of you are just dramatic or a hypochondriac. just hit IGNORE. good luck to all facing the war of health! You are all amazing! I hope you all have a good day!
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