Saturday, August 13, 2016


Prayers for my Grandma P. please!! Big prayers! ❤️ she is sickly today... I believe highly in the power of prayer... I woke up today pretty achy and just blah. However, was dressed and ready (makeup and all) and of course meds and Tubies!! All
Before 10 a.m. (That's a good thing guys!! I mean really miraculous, no drama intended.)
I'm currently chilling on the couch...reading my, Living  well with Gastroparesis book and I'm loving it! I mean it starts with this very quote: "Diseases can be our spiritual flat tires- disruptions in our lives that seem to be disasters at the time but end by redirecting our lives in a meaningful way."-Bernie S. Siegel. (I have that same attitude! At first iwhen I fell sick it was some denile (I thought next year I will be better) then came the storm... It was like I had been hit by a hurricane and I though God was punishing me or that I messed up something in my life... I tried figuring this out for a while. Thankfully people close to me taught me that I was not being punished. God does not punish us. He allows us hard times to learn and grow! Prayers I learned were not a genie in a bottle but a practice of faith, a way for spiritual guidance, & to become closer to my Father in Heaven... During my tying times? Things really changed for me... it changed into something greater than myself. I chose to use my opportunity to better the world. Sometimes I am Leary on what I want to tell people. Leary about judgement. But I also realize the greater good that's in my heart. I believe God put this desire in my heart! That is when my blogging started. Now Vlogging a little. So, I am a 'tell all' type of person! I will tell anyone about any of my medical issues (embarrassing or not). Probably  too much at times but when I help a person find a diagnosis or better treatments it's 500 & 10 % worth it!! Or making someone who is ill not feel alone. All diseases are mean and we shouldn't compare. Being sick is sick no matter what! Now my prospective and love for this quote sides with me... not just being LDS and knowing that life is for trials and lessons for the next life, but I believe we can choose to be a greater good to the world by taking it all one day at a time and offering our love, help, & knowledge to the world! Sometimes all it takes is opening up to another person about your health battles to see and learn how many chronically ill folks are in this world battling daily! Kinda how a smile is contagious they come back to you... Sharing your stories & understandings with friends/others spreads to them. They then tell you theirs. Bonds are made and you feel better too because you've found out you aren't the only one battling too! We all have to work together in this crazy world. Keep learning, loving, & living the best you can! Have a good day lovies (if you feel brave share a comment with a health struggle or a struggling general in life. Did you learn things from it? Are you having a hard time? Do you have any advice to share or offer others? Did someone help you get a diagnosis or better help??) (We all will always have bad days living chronic and that's okay!!) just keep trying-Chelle ** Disclaimer!! I am not medical professional nor is anyone who comments advice always check with a doctor before doing anything medical like changes! Even vitamins!!***
now it's liquid vitamin time (CoQ10.
You can find it at Costco,  B2 (riboflavin) I found on Amazon but it's brand is Homeycomb they have a website, (magnesium Iv) *to help prevent migraines* it helps for sure, not a cure but it helps! Plus gives some energy for me anyways!! Then my L'il Critters Gummy Bites complete multivitamin. Found pretty much anywhere or a generic brand. But these too are from Costco! (if you have tummy issues they are easier to digest than a pill and the kids kinds aren't as much and easier to digest too. Like when I couldn't have ensure or any of those brands by mouth my nutritionist put me on peidasure (for kids) yes, less nutrition but it's better then none.) I also take sublingual B-12 (bought at most stores or pharmacies) or I'd use liquid but sublingual seems to be cheaper... But I lost them in my last trip and haven't found them since? Hmmm surgery and meds! Who knows where they are!!??? Better get myself some more! #GPtips&tricks more hugs and love-Chelle