Monday, August 22, 2016

How Do We Handle our Afflictions On the Sabbath?

Read the article in the link below first, otherwise this whole post will make absolutely no sense!        
                                                                I think there is a lot of truth in this. ( I can honestly say I have never had an issue with another member luckily! So no I can't relate to that part. I attended a lovely ward. Seriously!)  I don't think majority of any member would ever intend to hurt another... Sometimes they simply don't know what you or someone is going through. (We as people don't always air our dirty laundry)... Sometimes there are rude people. (I also know that no body is perfect and we are all human. We will make mistakes... We all always have room to grow... Which also leads to forgiveness)  I've learned that's life... Sometimes you must agree to disagree. (With keeping respect and Christ like love)! Sometimes our own sorrow in our own life can take over... I honestly think that's when that strong I don't want to go feeling kicks in. Does Satan want us at church? (Or would be prefer us to be more distant  and unplugged for the week? )...It's free agency. I don't regularly attend church... (Mostly my health, but for a while it's been both Health issues and that it's so early for me and my chronic symptoms) I always plan to return yet time passes. I'm not angry at God for my trials... I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ! (And there have been many times the Holy Ghost has given me personal Peace through my chronic journey...) Mostly, I can thank the church for my positivity, my spunky never give up attitude, the trudge forward, and if you fall get back up... Brush yourself off, then try again! We all fall down but if we get up with the Savior on our side our chances will be so much higher and our endurance and patience will last much longer!! Eternal prospective is extremely important too!! It's hard for me to go to church. Not that I don't want to... Because I am disabled. Idk if that's an excuse or if he totally understands, as the lord knows all of our hearts❤️ He knows each and every one of us and our afflictions. I used to be so ashamed and embarrassed that church became something I could not do anymore. I was honestly confused at God. Why would he do this to me? I mean, I made the decision all on my own to attend church meetings weekly. No parent forced. It was 100% my decision. And I loved it! I am hoping soon that not being able to attend will change. My body will be able to push through sacrament. That I can partake in the sacrament again weekly...(If you can not attend church right now due to being so chronically ill... I ask you to pray to your loving Heavenly Father.) That's when I received my peace. He let me know he did in fact understand. (Not that it's what he want us to do ... is to not attend... He want us all to attend. But there was understanding.) I can tell you when I rarely attended and if I attend more regularly in the future. I will never take it for granted again! I will be grateful! It will be a marvelous opportunity to me! My trials here have allowed me to extremely enjoy General Conferences! I get so excited now! (I have always enjoyed it but yes it's church at home and I LOVE it) Though, church has moments of boring and pain in our hearts... (Maybe sometimes that pain needs to be felt to learn and grow spiritually.) The messages and spiritual fuel we get during those meetings help us not just through the week. But throughout our whole life's...  I know my pain at Church has been felt but during those meetings, just maybe you will get a new prospective to look at your trials? It could help that pain in the long run... Bring comforts. That being said every Sunday (I try doing scripture reading or listening. I listen to my hymns. I pray. I watch old General conferences on YouTube. I watch Mormon messages.) Though it's not the same as going to sacrament meeting....(I know He appreciates my efforts) He never said it would be easy. He only said it would be worth it! How do you try keeping Sunday's Holy without attending church meetings from
Being sick or whatever keeps you from being able to attend? How do you go and conquer church meetings while being sick? Or uncomfortable? What helps you? Comment below!! I really do want to know!! ( I used to sit in the back row, with my safe person Grandma Sherron by the door so I could Sneak out and catch a breath or help circulate my blood with having POTS. I also quit sitting in the middle of the isles... I'd always sit on the end so I could easily  leave if needed. Especially with nausea) And if I was physically really uncomfortable I'd pray! ( obviously I did in fact get sicker and stopped going, the odd part is it has always been temporary in my head. Maybe that's a sign?) I do want to know your tips and tricks let me know below in the comments!!!!!!xoxo-Chelle