Monday, August 29, 2016

Okay, I Guess I Will Post 8-29-16

I guess I should write a post! Since I haven't been on here much... Basically I had surgical clearance! Whoo hoo! But I'm still healing (insert eye roll)... It's only been 4 weeks and my doctor is very right... I just wanna be healed already. ( I need to gain some post surgical  patience.) I am doing well considering everything, in fact real well (knock on wood) today I feel the best I've felt in the past few days! Holy horrid pain!! I will be hitting therapy again and in time this too, shall pass. (that's the good part) until next time...(but next time may very well be my last last dance with Endometriosis, I'm very done.)                            meanwhile I have been working on pushing those feeds up (my fluids are fine all night)  but my day feeds of a "meal" are brutal! I had a few days where they were totally fine... So I will keep fighting until the death of me! So listen small intestine you're gonna do your job and take in the formula. The way I want you to...( like last week) Do you hear me? Thanks!  I'm still attaining my goals of feeding just misery in the meantime. The good news... Once my meal is over I bounce back to fine! I am not aloud to work out. (I think my biggest post surgery frustration... Because working out will help my POTS!! I can luckily walk as much as I want, so I "walk it out, walk it out" "left side walk it out right side walk it out" anyone remember that song??? Haha! 😆 I got vampires today so we will see how hydrated I am with my j tube... (No needle in my chest) ah! Yeah that's right! It's like a million pounds of relief!! I hope it sticks and lasts!! They all have warned me tomorrow it can go back but I think I am very determined! (I have no control over it but I like to tell myself I do! Honestly if it goes back I will choose to be happy for the time I had in the meantime.) I had to step into Walmart today! Oh boy! If you live where I live you know #thestruggleisreal! And today town was busy as a bee! So I parked Handy it got hot, "Sunny at 75" and wow if I could have a dime for all the glares I recieved I would have some money!! 😉 I know I look healthy with my makeup on and my hair done... And I know I am young but folks don't judge a book by its cover! I felt like jello. Now I am super tired out! (I literally walked in found this cup that I had to have... (It is the little things in life, like an 88 cent cup.That brings is true happiness) Got my three yogurts and peaced out!) If there was room I'd write what was wrong with me on my forehead. But that's just that...there is not enough space. We do the best we can with what we are given. That's my ending. Keep doing the best you can with what you are given in this life.-Chelle