Friday, August 12, 2016

Love my sweet Grandma Pearl 8-12-16

I got my new book (Living well with Gastroparesis by Crystal Zaboeokski Salterlki CHC... And no this isn't sponsored or anything! I just share my stuff I do to help others) I studied it on my short travels to see my grandma who is in well not town but close by! and am excited to see if I can have new introduction to some foods.. After my studies!πŸ’š...
 MOST importantly, 
Today I had the opportunity to see my sweet grandma PearlπŸ’—I have missed her so so much!! She lives a good 12hours away. She hasn't been able to travel that long trip and I haven't been able to go see her due to my medical issues (make that long drive) and I always seem to fall on my face (medically) but we are working on that! I have been blessed in so many ways this week just by feeling well! I can't even describe how I feel... I am enjoying my good time. Sadly she is here to say goodbye to her Brother but luckily we know of the plan of salvation and keep eternal perspective in our lives. It doesn't make it easier for her to say goodbye I am sure but it helps. I loved my few minutes of talking with her and getting in my one on one grandma time.
She for sure has the biggest heart. I'm lucky to have such kind hearted blood in my gene pool!
I'm hoping to squeeze in some more time but we do have a lot of cousins πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ nine kids she had and now a lot of their kids have kids. We really add up 😊 I am thankful for her last minute visit! Speaking of big family my sweet Baby cousin is having another fundraiser here is the link to her fb page! Go follow her story she is a sparkle to the world. Her smile lights up a room! (@ and of course find a shirt to help the huge medical expenses!! (3plus hospital stay and many years of recovery post that!) please if you can't contribute financially at least share and like the link on social media so more can see it πŸ‘πŸ»(@ ) lots of love! Go hug your grandmas if you can! Love you Grandma PearlπŸ’-Chelle P.S. I have a sweet GP friend really in need of prayers please pray for her tonight!πŸ’š 
I also just barely finished my j feeds today!!! (Big smiles) reached a goal I didn't think was ever obtainable...