Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Phone Battle Insights

A handful of supplements. 5,000mg of sodium and 40MEQ of potassium. 16fl ounces of pedialyte & 1 Orgain left for the day (that's actually a lot left at 5pm) all of my supplements are hard on the stomach and the Gastroparesis isn't going to ever be in my favor. I am not sure if I already mentioned but my autonomic ability to regulate my electrolytes have been poor. It is normal for a POTS patient to need sodium but I am a super POTSie when it comes to dysaregulation and my kidneys don't balance those electrolytes out anymore. I do it for them!  But just a few short months ago I was pumping all of this into my small intestine in my sleep. We are making progress people! He never said it would be easy he only said it would be worth it! I may be queezy and a little dizzy... But I got this! (Eating/drinking to fast will cause a POTS flare. This is due to the poor blood flow in my body. Basically all the blood will go to my GI tract and not my heart or brain.) I'm really getting this balancing act down... It's simply day to day is different. I wanted to share though I've made strides, struggles appear daily for the simplest of things. Today i choose to be grateful for the ability to drink and take supplements by mouth, I am so happy for this gorgeous weather,  I'm happy I could drive and get some tasks completed, I'm even grateful for my crazy hair, & I'm grateful for my Grandma for it is that beautiful lady's birthday today! I'm pretty fond of that lady!  I love her a lot! And heaven knows how lucky I am to have her in my life! She is a blessing in my life. She isn't just grandma... She is a good friend๐Ÿ’• life is a gift & one I won't ever take for granted! I'm still trying to get doctors to be in touch with me...
(These things are their ideas and they want to talk to me... They give me instructions. Literally. But their staff won't let me through... This phone call thing. Not my idea. If you live chronic you know the phone struggle is real! I am thankful for speaker phone! Thanks to that I was able to be on the phone and make myself look like a person at the same time ๐Ÿ’„ I did end up wanting to pull my hair out after more wasted phone time but I decided to just let it be. It is hard to spend so much time doing a repeated task. But the task is vital to my healthcare, so I will square my shoulders and keep trying.)  If today is too rough try tommorrow ๐Ÿ’•I know I'll be back on the phone in the morning. They refer to us as patients because we are really practicing out patience. (Wink) chins up lovies. You too will get through -Chelle