Thursday, February 23, 2017

Temper Tantrums

My body has forgotten how to sleep.
Right now it's down right "throwing a fit" as I say. My body is detecting the weather change. Yes. The weather change has made my body mad. Yes when your autonomic nervous system busts... Nothing can greatly affect you!  My body it throwing up a fight. Literally. I have a fever. Even despite the Tylenol. I'm not deathly ill but I imagine tomorrow will be a trying day for me. In fact I just feel like my nervous system can't make up its mind. And that's truly the case. My brain thinks I'm in danger. It's sending the signals to my body. I have severe insomnia. And I finally threw in the towel. Sometimes you have to quit. Sometimes you let the toddler for instance throw the tantrum. That's what I'm doing. I am saying "okay body do whatever you are going to do... Because frankly you're not listening to a word I'm saying." I have no more tools for the night. I'm ignoring you! So I will be up having a POTSie Party! It is so fun. The tachycardia is setting in. (That's just great now I'm so super exhausted and I get to run a mile while I lay here. Well I probably won't have the energy to workout tomorrow anyways! So I guess I'll do it now while I lay in bed. #POTS.) and if you are thinking "wow how lucky She gets to workout while laying down. NO. It's like the cardio you can't quit. You don't get to stop after 20minutes. I am wasting vital sleeping time. You know when my Autonomic nervous system resets itself every night. Yeah, that's not happening. Fine body. Throw the fit. I'm done. Let's watch social media and Netflix. Sometimes it's truly crucial with chronic illnesses to just say okay. This isn't Burger King but tonight you can have it your way. You have to have a happy medium and the more you fight against it really you're just stressing yourself out further. (To a point) I can not make my body sleep tonight. So I am actually wasting energy being upset about it. So I'm going to quit being upset. I'm going to quit pushing this body to rest, and I'm giving in. For my sanity! You all know I'm a vivid fighter. I think that's been very clear. But something I want to share is, it is okay to just give in sometimes. It's okay! Don't stress over what you can't change. Ride the tide my friends. Ride the tide. Lots of love. Pray for spoons! I'm gonna need them!. -Chins up- Chelle