Saturday, February 25, 2017

The end to a under slept, under kept week!

I've slept for the first time in a few days! 🙌 I really needed that nap. Dysautonomia is no joke! I do not like it when I quit sleeping. It's torture. Literally they used to make war prison camp victims stand and not sleep for torture. (Yeah, a little fact I picked up from being sick from a doctor 😂) I learn all kinds of things just being Michelle!
I did get to restart physical therapy this week and I am ready to heal! The phone saga continues... Still working on getting through to my doc. But she called me today but I was asleep! (It's Saturday. But what an awesome doc to call in Saturday!) She has not received a word of any of my messages. Her office even told me she took care of it... I was skeptical. Because nothing had been done... It clearly was not taken care of. So I got office blocked again. She will call me Monday. And I will be letting her know I did not forget and did MY part... And the things her office have told me over the past few weeks that clearly were not true at all... I've been calling for two weeks! Being chronic is relentless. I'm going to rant for a minute. If you work In a medical office. Some patients believe it or not... Know what they are talking about and doing! We exist. I know not all patients are like me. Some are foolish... But we who hold knowledge do exist.  My doctor really did tell me to find the name of a medication I previously was on, call her office, leave the message, & she would call me back to talk. She really did say She was going to call me... I did not make that up? We had a plan... But bottom line  I was blocked. Because my messages were not relayed to my doctor properly. But I was told My Doctor had taken care of everything. So therefore there was nothing I could do... Luckily my doc will be contacting me again it sounds like and we can straighten it all out. I am getting tired of phone sagas. If you live chronic don't give up. Because sadly this happens often and the doctors are not even involved but you think they are because that's what you are told in the phone.... So don't give up call them until they get so annoyed they put you through (if you have to) don't be afraid to stand up for yourself!                        On a different note, I am slowly continually loosing weight. I hit underweight this past week. It's official. However we don't know what this means. I am eating. I am eating well. So we are calorie counting. Ah! 😩 calorie counting hurts my soul. I start looking at all the foods and I start counting the calories. Before you know it you can't eat a chip without counting the calorie contents... But I am intaking more calories then we suspected so... I'm winning 💪 My doctor thinks I may be actually burning more calories then normal...  We are running out of conclusions. So this should be fun to figure out... Dysautonomia is dysaregulation of autonomic bodily functions. I have tachycardia among many other things often. If I truly am burning more calories to maintain my weight... My gut tells me it's going to be interesting to find the bottom line of where and what is the target.  Wish me eating luck, and pray for sleep! Crazy hard week is almost over -Chelle