Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I'm attempting to restart my vitamin regime. Surgery has pushed me off the wagon. With Gastropresis taking vitamins  is a tricky task. (Though we struggle with nutrition so we really do need them.) They are rough on the Tummy. A essential trick for vitamins is to get them in a chewable gummy form. These are easier to digest then a pill. Also children's multivitamins are the way to typically go. They are easier to break down and a smaller dose so not to get your tummy too upset. (A smaller dose is better then no dose.) my current regime is children's multivitamin (with DHA as I don't get much of that by eating) the brand Smarty Pants donates profits of sales to women and children who are starving. That's why I bought these at Costco. They got me... After starving myself, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It is a big deal! So if it helps a child somewhere I am glad to buy them! I also have the B-12, riboflavin, & magnesium for my Neurological issues. Specifically it helps reduce migraines. And I can always tell a huge difference if any of these 3 are stoped in my overall health. (Magnesium Glycinate is a form of magnesium that does not cause GI upsets) my neurologist put me and many of his patients on this two punch kick. He sees improvements and it's not going to harm you really it's a typical vitamin! (Check with your doctors of course though.) So POTSies those 3 are a win! And of course biotin for my brittle hair and nails! I am finally doing so much better with pain and going down on meds. I will finish out antibiotics and hopefully my mouth will heal completely! EDS causes slow healing. I am doing so much better though! My belly will be thankful to rid the antibiotics. They are the worst! I'm ready to start cardio again! It's driving me nuts not being able to do my cardio!! My body is slipping downwards a bit. It is truly amazing how important cardio is to POTS symptoms! I'm starting to move more but my body is icky and I am weak. I also can feel the POTS and the being up is not tolerated. It doesn't take much. This week is resting and working on good nutrition. Also hydration as I was dehydrated multiple times last week. (The worst thing a POTSie can do is dehydrate.) My body is struggling to drink still. It's a daily fight to get what I need in. It's also the week of starting to get this body moving a bit more and awake. But I will get there again. Hopefully next week I can start working towards getting back to my routine! I am missing my routine. But it's good to step away for a minute and see just how much that hard work I put in every day does pay off. Just keep pushing forwards you will get there. One day at a time -Chelle