Thursday, June 8, 2017

New beginnings

I am SO excited I got my Gastronomy tube in the mail today!!
Isn't it so tiny? (It is smaller in than my current tube but the same size.) yay for that! A G tube is the next step of moving forwards. Scary and exciting. I thought some would like to see what a feeding tube looks like. (Add about two feet to this and another port and that's what my current tube looks like.)  It totally creeps my Dad out. This means no more surgeries for feeding tubes and I can change it all on my own. Growing independence! There is high hopes for the future for me to not have a feeding tube. But there will be no timelines. I am taking it one day at a time. If and when my body is healthy and can tolerate eating fully by mouth. When I am nutritional fully vey safe. Then and only then will I opt to remove feeding tube. Gastropresis You almost took Me but You didn't know how hard I fight back 💚Here is to new beginnings and moving upwards! Excited -Chelle