Monday, February 2, 2015

A Patient Scorned

I want to cry. I feel defeated. again. another doctor could not get past his pre judgmental ways and deemed me "crazy". Now I have no gastroparesis help to surgically place a feeding tube. I am treated through my pcp (thank goodness) but if he could have possibly not judged me before he got to know me...he would know I am smart. I am a fighter. I am everything a twenty two year old female should be. I am chronically ill. I fight a neurological monster daily. My stomach no longer works. No matter how hard I try I can not will this away... it simply does not work. If you are truly sick. It has you. Wish medical professionals would get the "crazy" out of their heads and try looking further for advocating for the patients. To help the patients. Getting the "crazy" talk puts patients health at risk and makes us not as likely to get the proper help we deserve to receive. We the Patients probably would stress less and live happier lives. Nope, instead we are clinging to the internet in hopes of caring hands that will help us. Hey doctors you can think I am "crazy" all day because you simply do not know what I have. It may be above your head but it is really real. And P.S. try living with this reality. -A Patient Scorned.

(there are some very amazing physicians in this world who deserve a pat on the back and then some this post is not to any of those doctors<3)