Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Part Two

Peace out Nasojejunal tube

Day after surgery.

The next day my pcp sent me to radiology to have my picc line removed and I again had my Nasojejunal tube yanked and a new one placed. So I could eat something. So desperately I kept trying to get into the wonderful Dr. Teodor Pitea who is an interventional endosopist and awesome! He got me in the following Monday. And viola my gastronomy jejunal tube was placed. No tubes in my nose or arm. I AM FREE!!! Well kinda. I did end up having to stay at the hospital overnight because my POTS flared.... of course. I was roomed at 2o'clock in the morning with what I found a burden.because I was unable to sleep at all due to my new partner's hallucinations. It took my whole stay to learn she was probably having a stroke. Breaks my heart... I have been praying for her. Will you please pray too? She was a dear lady I could tell by how she would get upset if I started hurting. A motherly nature.... I was sent home the next evening and we went to my grandparents in mesa. For a week... perfect weather made for great recovery spot!  I am far from where I need to be with feeding/hydration. Love my tube even though it's sore a lot. I have lost 8pounds this last week... but my doctor puffed me up. So I am still a good weight. Hard being bed ridden so much but God has a plan for me. That I must remind myself daily. Xox-healing chelle
End result gj tube