Monday, February 9, 2015

Feeding Tube Awareness Week. Step byStep uclogging Nj tube

Today embarks a new beginning of a new week! Feeding Tube Awareness Week!  I am  a tubie (meaning I am tube fed) if you have any questions feel free to ask me :)
Tip # 1: how to unclog a Nasojejunal tube (effectively)
Step 1: get supplies;  you will need a hand towel, a 60ml syringe, a 5ml syringe, & really warm water in a cup. ( and an extra set of hands if possible)
Step 2: fill 60ml with 10-15ml of warm water from the cup.
Step 3: fill 5ml syringe with air by pulling back.
Step 4: stick the big 60ml syringe into the port where you connect the feeds (the biggest one) then put smaller 5ml syringe into the smaller side med port.
Then push both syringes at the same time and you should hear a whooshing in the tube.(that's the clog uncloging.) Now if ineffective water will go everywhere. (That's the reason for the towel)
 rehook to feeds
If it is ineffective  try, try again! It normally takes a few tries for me.