Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm Back. part 1

These past few weeks have been well crazy...
It started with vomiting up some of my Nasojejunal tube which ended up being E.R. trip numero uno. I also kinda dunked my pics line extensions in the toilet while choking and vomiting my tube. (Yuck).... a clogged Nasojejunal tube, a E.R. visit number two. Which ended in me leaving with a clogged Nasojejunal and getting by on half dose of TPN. Then just a few short days later E.R. trip number three. My arm was swollen, Throbbing, and getting worse by the minute. When my hand felt tingly I knew and dreaded it was time to hit the E.R. it started with a "jerk" of a "doctor" whose first words and concern to me where to ream me like a child who had done something wrong... over getting specialists outside of our tiny hospital..  my answers, A. They don't have these specialists...they don't even exist here. B. I have a very complex case that is very little known of. I need the proper help. He was also mad I came at night?. Then he told me he was going to give me something for arm was hurting pretty well. But I was totally surprised when the nurse came back with dilauded a very strong pain medication. I denied the medication and asked for something else...less strong. So then he denied me any pain meds! The nurse finally talked him into giving me some different medication. I ended up with  a 4inch blood clot around my picc line (yikes!) From the stressful situation my body endured I of course had a POTS/Dysautonomis flare and ended up in excruciating pain. It made me cry and.scream. it was so bad breathing was painful and felt like a chore! Awful! Well I layed in that e.r. begging for help for an hour. The doctor just stood across the room arms.crossed and smirking... it was some sick game to him. A sick game I wish on no one. Ever! His boss even. Came and asked him to rethink what was going on...etc. he didn't for a good half hour. Then when mom who was upset but totally calm and sitting down. Asked him how his actions where exceptable on any level as a doctor. He s screamed for the poor s scared little nurse to witness I denied the medication when I first got there hours and hours prior.... and for my arm .... not my neurological disorders. He threw his clipboard and called for security as if my mother had done something wrong or to him in anyways. Nope she didn't. He just did not have a way to truly justify his wrongdoing. And I think looking back maybe he is abusing drugs or something. I don't know. But I know care was not there. Nor my safety. No one should ever go through what I went through that night! We have complained and taken proper car of this situation and the doctor did get in trouble and written up. My whole point of writing this us to tell you that you have rights as a patient as a human being. If you are EVER being treated wrongly in a hospital demand quality control.  If you have a certain doctor who you have issues with and do not want to be seen by him /her.... you have the right for the other doctor or Physician's  to take your case.unless no one else is there you do have to obviously leave..And never be afraid to be your own and only you know you're body. I am ending here have much,h more stories to tell...xoxox recovery chelle