Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Ugly Truth of a Sickie

This post is something not everyone wants to share....I honestly didn' first...but it is the "ugly truth" sometimes I can go days without makeup or running a brush through my hair. I do brush my teeth though, that I am sure I do! I don't even bother changing my pajamas... sometimes I even go days without showering...I know it's gross.... weeks are just that rough. This week was one of those weeks...where I don't leave my bedroom. .. I fear the neighbors will see me and cringe. I actually am just so sick During these days I physically can not do the basic task. I find myself on one side of the bed and all my important stuff (medication, bible, kindle,phone,remote) on the other side of the bed. I always wonder if other sickies live this way too and have piles of rubble on their beds? Maybe it's just something that I do... anyways I am glad to announce that I bathed, dressed, got ready for the day, and left my house. No one should stay at home so long... unless like me you have no choice...believe me people. I would be the first one out there working my bum  off if I had the chance at a normal body, day, life. I worked summers in high school. I have a work ethic and a strong one. I miss it. I am not one to be labeled "lazy" a lot of people tend to get that confused about sickies... we are sick and truly not capable... most sickies truly want to live "normal" daily lives. And if you are not sick and faking it you are taking from the  chronically ill community and should rethink your actions. That being said I collect zero from the government. I have been denied for about 1 1/2 yrs. I truly can't function or work. (For years) I have several chronic diseases. A complex little known neurological syndrome. Me and several others are being turned down daily. We live unbelievable circumstances that cost a ton. Our bodies fail us. We did not choose this. It chose us. This is not a poor me post's a so now you know post... there is in my opinion a big problem with sick benefits. A lot of them. Just another issue that needs be fixed... but one problem people don't see is, you won't ever see this big problem until you are on the receiving end yourself and it is too late. Thankfully my parents are taking care of their 22year old adult daughter.  I would be sick and on the curb otherwise. Think of all the parents out there sick...not able to support their families. Did you know when you apply for ssi they have NO deadline to reply. Ever. It can go on for year's. just something to think about.- chelle