Tuesday, February 10, 2015

tubes. tubes. tubes

Feeding Tube Awareness Week... My rant about the e.r.... My nasojejunal tube clogged majorily an I was sent to the e.r. bottom line... I exposed my suppressed immune system to everything under the sun(germs) for 3 hours to be told that the radiologist is not there at night. 3 hours for that!!! Oh I also got the I am "complex" lecture because they know. Nothing of feeding tubes. Which is truly inexcusable... Then the physician's assistant asks me what to do but has such a big ego he did not listen. Well he sprayed himself in the face with water while conforming my tube was indeed clogged. I was also told "you don't need to eat today." ... I watched him eat his dinner..... I did not choose my illnesses. I didn't choose a feeding tube. I really, really don't like it when I am treated less than a person due to the fact I am very ill. The attitudes lately from medical professionals have me concerned for the well-being of our health care system. So I am in need of some serious prayers for my new interventional endoscopist to squeeze me in and do surgery to move my feeding tubes into the small intestine and tummy.that will alleviate the pics line(TPN) as well as the Nasojejunal tube...-hoping chelle