Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Kindle fire and How to Unclog a Nasojejunal Tube

Writing this post from my brand new kindle fire!! I am loving it already...this is my 2nd kindle we will see how it hold up to a chronicly ill person's wear and tear. Started reading Treasure Island.  As I started downloading free books to read excitingly a little voice let me know that the most important words to read are in my scriptures.
loved reading as a child but dumped it in my teens for "cooler" "better" things. (If I only knew then what I know now lol)  it is nice to have a tablet back instead of lugging that heavy laptop around for the past year. I am feeling stronger physically that makes my heart happy! Beautiful weather here catching some rays 🌞carefully as my body has heat intolerance and dehydrated rapidly. Tummy is throwing fits as usual my picc line came apart again last night...had to catch it and stop the blood flying out of my arteries. Then woke up to a bad nasojejunal tube clog. The second my feet hit the ground my alarm went off...took my mom's dear friend to come help me unclogged it! If your nasojejunal or nasogastric tube gets clogged get a small 5ml. Syringe of air & put it into the side port. Then at the same time take your 60ml syringe full of about 10ml of warm water (or coke) and press them in at the same time. I will warn it takes 2 people but has been my most effective solution to unclog my nasojejunal tube! Xoxox- your pal Chelle
My new white kindle 😊