Thursday, September 15, 2016

POTS life Day

This is not my highest heart rate by any means today but.. I have been up in the 130s ... I am not going to continue to stand to show you. I am out of breath just standing for a few seconds. This means my heart rate is high enough it's a workout to just stand. Also that my lungs are struggling to keep up with my heart upon standing and that I better sit myself down! Now I am a pass out risk! Phew! Having POTS is hard work! (Literally) .....  Can You believe all this sodium??? (A months supply)... What a visual!
I am so very tachycardic today! My body is not too thrilled today... I'm upping sodium still. But I've been fighting with insomnia for the whole week. I didn't get any sleep last night. Even when I am sleeping I am not entering any good REM sleep. I go through these phases. It's a part of POTS. But my body really needs sleep. When we sleep our nervous system resets. So without sleep my nervous system is running wild. The lack of sleep is adding fuel to the fire of symptoms. It's causing the insomnia (the cause) then due to the cause it's creating the problem (POTS symptoms at a high, problem) so then the high POTS symptoms add to the insomnia. It's a viscous circle! I also am fighting my GI tract. It's being stubborn. All I want to do is sleep... Everytime I get up I feel sick. My heart rate gets really high and my hands and feet are purple. A sure sign my blood volume is not only low but my blood is being pooled to my limbs instead of being up to my heart and brain. I am sure I am having low blood pressure too but I don't feel like going and getting the blood pressure monitor. It won't change anything to confirm my low blood pressures. Lol migraines been coming on for about an hour now. This disease is truly a monster! So next month be prepared for Dysautonomia Awareness (October). Meanwhile for today I won't be standing-Chelle 
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