Thursday, September 1, 2016

9-1-16 Puppy Prayers

Working on getting my sodium lined out today. (Will be glad to have that situated) well, I hope it gets lined out today I am about out of my sodium... That's not going to go over well.... Pray I don't run out! I am still fighting feeds but getting there! But my poor pup is not feeling well! Oh Wrecker Dog 😕 I don't know what is up with him... I can tell his face hurts because I can't pet that one side and he shakes if I do. I decided to monitor him and see. He has been eating and drinking. He is also alert. But he is so sleepy and just you can tell he hurts. I have him the right dose of baby aspirin. Poor little thing!! I am not liking my pup being in pain! (I honestly don't think he is sick I think something is hurting him.) we are both laying on the couch this rain has got me supine. 
puppy prayer for my best friend please-Chelle 
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