Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rain Induced Migraine

(This is me in the dark... Migraine style!) I was so proud of my body handling the rainy day like a pro! (Well actually I was pretty shocked.) I went to my appoiments today. I was doing great! But about the time I made it to the dentist my migraine decided to make itself known. It wasn't bad at first (those are almost the worst kinds they slowly get worse and sneak up on you.) because of the sneakiness, I know I always talk myself out of treatment. The reason I do that is I think, "Oh, it's not bad enough yet." As it's slowly creeping up on me. I tend to wait hours with these kinds of migraines. I typically reach for the Tylenol at first (I always think it's just a headache. My bad!) but truth be known I just have migraines too often and I get confused. The nausea I have regularly so it doesn't phase me as a sign. The spottiness in my vision (well when don't I have something odd going on?)  I also seem to have some form of migraine denile. I do not want migraines.... So anyways at 9:30 P.M. I broke down and used my migranale nasal spray.(it is a migraine medication that treats migraines on the spot.)  It's helping! I still have my symptoms... Hopefully the second dose in a few minutes knocks it out completely!! My feeding tube needs to hold on for two weeks and the it can totally take a hike! I'm done with it falling apart and feeding all my stuff! I also have a big hunch that its malplaced and back flowing into my tummy (I pushed meds and it burned my stomach... That's a clear sign it went into my stomach not the small intestine. Boo! Maybe that is why I keep struggling with formula feeds??) Oh the life of a POTSie. Jump the hurdles, keep up the fight,& hold high faith that hope and healing are in fact ahead! Along with better days to come. I'm not loosing my smile today because today I conquered #LivingChronic 💪 and this migraine is not going to have power over my goodness in this day! lots of love Lovies -Chelle 
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