Monday, September 5, 2016


I was really excited when I woke up feeling well and with energy. (Not totally drained) I know I have been posting about my wonderful positivities lately (and they are amazing huge blessings!! I am eternally grateful) but I am still sick. I am really dealing with pelvic dysfunction and it's not easy... Especially post surgery. I won't be able to start physical therapy until November. It's backed up that far... And keep in mind I will have to travel once a week three hours away from home and back three hours... That's not easy on a POTSie body and I don't have a choice. But today my pain hit hard again. It's just like flash backs and panic... I know I will be okay, it's going to take time. My specialist said surgery would make it worse. She wasn't surprised at all. It's just I'm sick of getting worse to get better. I think a little panic sets in as I am remembering how much I did go through and how I have to re walk that path. (Hopefully I heal faster and netter now.) that's been rough. I've had chronic migraines. I have been POTSie for the last two weeks. And when the weather started shifting from summer to more fall like... My body decided to freak out over it...( I do this every year)... I am reaching feed goals. Which is exciting but it's a full fight daily. But I keep reminding myself I will get through and we can do hard things! But it's rough with the nausea. The the nausea meds seem to just add to the fatigue. So yes I have made improvements with my feeds and no IVS ... I am so so happy but I'm still sick and fighting for quality of life and to be able to get up out of bed. I hope when I am cleared to have more excercise that in itself will help my POTS. And when the weather finally makes the full change my body will calm too. I just have to keep having hope and faith that things won't be perfect but they can improve. Studies are being conducted and hopefully better treatments will come because Dysautonomia is truly awful. It takes perfectly high functioning people who are young and throws them into a whirlwind of sick, being stuck in bed, it's stealing and wrecking our life's...also if I don't have my hair and makeup done, I am not having a good day. Despite my smiles and positivity. I am physically not well...a lot get confused but I promise no makeup is equal to not a good day for me... I do believe God has a plan. I do believe we are rewarded for our hard times in the next life and in this life as we grow, learn, and gain eternal perspectives! Keep fighting just keep going!! Okay? I will be along side you xo-Chelle P.S. Wrecker was so much better and I was so relieved!! But then two nights ago he got his eye scratched and bleeding... Poor little guy we have him on antibiotics and some sort of spray! He is improving!! ( all we can assume is something stuck/ stung him in the eye, poor puppy... Because since he Yelped in the yard, outside that one night a few nights ago...he has been afraid of the yard since. We are working with him and he is loosing that fear. So taking care of my pup. I hate this so much!! But he is looking better and acting better today for sure) poor bestie 💙 lots of puppy love for the Wrecker dog!! No he is not sick, just something with his eye. He eats, drinks, and barks and plays. The animals in this family the past little bit🚫more of these shenanigans!! All our animals in our immediate family have gotten sick (none related, it's truly strange) #dogupdates 
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