Wednesday, September 17, 2014

IV Therapy

Went to IV therapy my fluids take 2 hours to complete each time and the other day as well as today it took 3 hours (due to using smaller veins in my fingers and hands) My poor veins are ready to be left alone... I love IV therapy it helps my POTS!! wish it helped my tummy, that is still a mystery... Mayo moved my test to next week instead of tomorrow ...orders where wrong (by accident) I am still throwing up all the time... and most the time my tummy hurts to eat... little flustered. But I am trying... 1st IV appointment I was nervous and oddly I sat in the chair with the little angel tied to the iv pole above it... I noticed the angel about half way through. It was a sign that God was with my and so where my angels <3 I took some pictures today I sat in the monkey chair lol.

Yes I have all fingers in this picture lol just had hand curled up...