Monday, September 1, 2014

Way Better Promises... New Found Happiness

tonight I was listening to Hilary Weeks station on Pandora (once again) and her song Better Promises came on... as it was on I was looking through my pictures and it was a complete tender mercy from God.... as I listened and looked the song really did depict my last few months... The ups and downs. I can still remember how I felt those days... I would never imagine the things I have endured. I never thought I'd survive those days. I especially never thought I'd find happiness again (without being healed) and that is something I have recently accomplished after a long grieving process. I am okay... I may be sick a vomiting daily along with a million other symptoms but it will not beat me! I will win! and I have finally learned to quit fighting myself and trying to control the uncontrollable...I can't I will never win. so I let myself stop...the reward is more then amazing!! I am so blessed, very blessed. I hope this picture depicts my new found happiness even ill (as I view it) I am not crippled, mangled, or broken...I am amazingly strong and #ChronicallyFabulous...(all credit to My very loving Heavenly Father)