Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rembering September Eleventh

      First off I would like to say THANK YOU to all the truly AMAZING people who helped and responded to all of the Americans that awful day. The First responders, volunteers, ect. Also to all the victims afflicted on September eleventh, you are held dearly to my heart today as I ponder what you had to go through...the unimaginable. The heroes, the people who lost their lifes, the living, the wounded. My heart goes out to you and your families. I know the ones in heaven are probably way better off then we are here on earth up there being sweet angels but I can't imagine the burden of loosing a loved one on that horrible day. The awful memories and the hardships I am certain i can not even possibly imagine...The living are the afflicted as well. May peace be with you and fill your souls xo.
       After I graduated high school I got the opportunity to go to New York, New York and The capital. We visited ground Zero, There definitely was a strong spirit there present. And when I was there we went to the museum which amazed me with all the facts, and pictures, and treasures to see. Being right there made it real for me something that I couldn't grasp until that moment of physically being there. (since I was 8 when that occurred) The huge whole in the ground where the twin towers were shocked me and was just such an experience I can't fully explain. I will never forget walking down the side walk and imaging that day and seeing how close all the other building where. What hit me even harder... a lot of those close building were schools! Such an amazing and hard experience I will never forget. My gratitude grew that day for anyone involved in 9-11. When I visited the capital and the white house still was strong in my mind .... but when I saw the memorial room in the pentagon I remember my eyes welling up. All the memorial benches... And while walking through the part of the pentagon that was hit...thinking about the amazing heroes on flight 93,  I can not imagine the courage it took. All around what happened that day was pure hell! Americans that day were American as ever. Brave. Honorable. I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN.I pray God be with you and you're families, xo.
         When I remember 9-11 I remember being a little girl. I remember we had the tv off that morning because my older sister had an orthodontist appointment. (we had to leave earlier). When we got to the orthodontist his wife (the receptionist) who we knew well because, my mother worked for the dentist next door... asked my mom about if she saw that one of the twin towers were hit by an airplane in New York. I sat there bored and thinking whatever there was an accident. I remember being confused. I also remember thinking that my mom and that lady were being too emotional about it (sorry mom haha) By the time I got to school we knew it was an attack... I remember being very frightened by that and apparently all the other kids were too because they kept asking if our school was going to get hit by an airplane. The teacher assured us that we lived in a pretty small town and she highly doubted that they would choose our school. I was still unsure about that part. I remember saying the pledge of allegiance you know like all American kids used to do (still should) and after we had a moment of silence. A scary day for Americans. May God bless the USA!