Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Snack on a Stick

I just hooked up to this concoction..(my grandma Sherron just called me, she warms my heart and cheers me up always. I love that lady!) Back to subject... This concoction is salt water & water diluted Pedialyte/dissolvable kids probiotics. For those of you who don't know, kids gummy chewable vitamins and kids probiotics are much easier to digest... especially the toddler staged foods. I have felt like a rag doll all day and was pretty blue. I am here to say... starving makes you depressed and being malnourished. I know this in general but I just lived it. Today me = rag doll and blue. Tonight me (after vitamins) much happier, clear minded. Some energy. Wow... need a science project idea ?lol. Now waiting to see if my concoction "on a Stick" A.K.A. iv pole... makes me feel even better. While I was putting all this together to "eat" I was thinking about how my iv pole is like a Stick...and I thought it said yet funny how my "food on a Stick" has changed. No corn dogs or fried foods here. But I can still eat a lollipop so ha! Gastroparesis I got one on you that time! My feeds where up to 20Ml an hour but last night went down to 15Ml an hour. Hoping to go back up tonight. I am getting like 4fluid oz. Of formula a day.. but it is in a high caloric form so that helps! Keep on keeping on! Xo-Chelle
Grouchy, tired, and sick. And slightly malnourished.
Refuse to loose.
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